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Case Study – B8 Ventured Ltd Road Project

This project supported by our partners B8 Ventures in Innisfail, Alberta was installed in November 2017 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

This 33,000 sq ft Ecoraster E50 project provided the perfect solution for the customer due to challenging conditions.

A heavy-duty access road was needed that would be able to support heavy transport trucks and machinery in cold temperatures and a harsh winter environment.

Continuing safety was one of the main concerns as well as minimal maintenance and heavy-duty weight support with frequent turning of the wheels.

This truck turn around area was installed between days of wintry weather and warm wet days in a very short period of time.

The soil conditions were very marshy and thus it was difficult to secure necessary concrete pilings needed for conventional ground support.

The customer needed a quick installation of a surface that would remain level, stable and safe for the drivers and workers.

They were very pleased with the installation process and the finished project.