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Case Study – Kew Gardens

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Installed: July 2017

Product: Ecoraster E50 grassed access lane

Nestled in the heart of the Toronto Beaches area, Kew Gardens is the hub of community life.

Kew Gardens hosts baseball games, summer camps, concerts, picnics and so much more. It is a very busy area providing a welcoming green space and easy access to some of the most popular beaches enjoyed by all.

The community is motivated to keep their neighbourhood green and eco-friendly so it is only appropriate that Ecoraster was chosen in lieu of asphalt for a heavy-duty access lane in the park.

The installation of Ecoraster will also help provide additional drainage, helping to control the wet environment often found near the lake. Ecoraster E50 was installed on top of a porous base which will capture rainfall, holding it below the surface until it can either percolate into the ground or evaporate.

The Ecoraster access lane can support heavy maintenance vehicles, ensuring the surface remains level, stable, safe and fully accessible.

Ecoraster is guaranteed for 20 years and is winter friendly so it will not be adversely affected by the cold temperatures and the freeze-thaw cycle which is commonly found in Ontario.