Plastic Bag Waste & Storm Water Runoff Solution

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Plastic Bag Waste & Storm Water Runoff Solution The recent opinion piece, “Community Conversations: Driveways, the environment and individual choices”,, focuses in part on a recent town hall meeting discussion on banning plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags contaminate the Earth’s waters and greatly damage the aquatic ecosystems. Communities across the country are coming together to [...]

Alternative, Durable & Sustainable Paving | The Ecoraster Geogrid | Green Paving

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Alternative, Durable & Sustainable Paving | The Ecoraster Geogrid | Green Paving Choosing Ecoraster now can impact your budget for years, even decades to come; positively that is! Ecoraster is a geogrid type product that can be filled with grass or gravel. Unlike traditional paving surfaces, Ecoraster is a fully sustainable, green paving, if you will, [...]

Fusion Landscaping | Green Infrastructure and Responsible Storm Water Management

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Fusion Landscaping | Green Infrastructure and Responsible Storm Water Management Times they are a changing… Climate as we once knew it is changing. Seasons are shifting; Temperatures are fluctuating; Weather patterns are changing; Rain events are increasing in frequency and volume and the increasing of the Earth’s temperature is affecting all the ecosystems; land, sea and [...]

The Impact of Sustainable Alternatives

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The Impact of Sustainable Alternatives  How often do you get to do something that will continue to make an impact for months, years and even decades to come? Human nature is such that we want to do the right thing-we are driven to do good. Using sustainable products and alternatives is something we can be proud [...]

Ecoraster Projects can be Started with Confidence even during the Fall Months

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Ecoraster Projects can be Started with Confidence even during the Fall Months Although it is more pleasant to work outdoors in the nice weather, installing Ecoraster during the rainy, cold weather does not affect the strength or integrity of the finished Ecoraster surface. Ecoraster provides the perfect solution for those “last minute” outdoor projects, whether they [...]

Ecoraster and Eco-Friendly Paving

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For our generation, the term eco-friendly is very important to people when they are choosing products. Consumers are looking for products that are environmentally friendly, have minimal impact on the environment, both during production and after the life-span of the product or project is completed. Is it made with a low-carbon footprint? Will there be waste [...]

Summertime in the City with Ecoraster

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After a long Winter and a very wet Spring, Torontonians are flocking to enjoy the outdoors. Toronto, the GTA and the entire country of Canada has something to offer everyone, no matter what you enjoy. This year, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, more and more people are taking advantage of promotions and appreciating our natural resources; [...]

Ecoraster: Keep Your Horses Healthy With Mud Preventing Permeable Pavement

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The versatility of Ecoraster is apparent when speaking to world- renown equine specialists. Ecoraster, designed and engineered in Germany almost 30 years ago, has been used by the premier equestrian facilities world-wide for a variety of applications. Ecoraster is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bags, LDPE, a sophisticated material to recycle but one that [...]

George Brown Parking Lot | Before and After LID Permeable Paving was Installed

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What a difference a year can make! Last year at this time, the George Brown College parking lots managed by Unit Park were unpaved, dusty compacted gravel. There were pot holes, ruts and puddles. The surface was uneven and hard to access by those with mobility challenges. Unit Park was determined to find a paving system [...]

The Environmental Advantages of LID Permeable Paving are Multi-faceted

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Canadians are proudly environmentally conscious. The rumblings across the border have only heightened the national commitment to sustainability and increased the focus on making the right choices to reduce the negative impact of climate change. There are many ways to be impactful; from lowering carbon emissions to reducing water consumption and from conserving energy to incorporating [...]