Adding Green to the City Landscape

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Adding Green to the City Landscape I have recently had the opportunity to travel more than usual and I am acutely aware of differences amongst major cities especially in regard to sustainability and green space. It is obvious that growth within large cities is challenging when physical space is limited and at a premium. Buildings are [...]

One of the Hottest Topics Trending in 2019 | Stormwater Management

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One of the Hottest Topics Trending in 2019 | Stormwater Management January passed like a flash. Although February is historically the harshest month in regards to weather, it is also the shortest and the promise of Spring is really just around the corner. This Spring there will be two noticeably “hot” topics; plastic recycling and stormwater [...]

LID Permeable Paving & Storm Management

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LID Permeable Paving & Storm Management Stormwater management is a frequent topic of conversation. Climate change, rain events that are changing in both frequency and intensity, increasing flooding that is both costly and damaging, are occurrences that can not be ignored for much longer. What is the solution? Are “blanket” stormwater management fees the way to [...]

Gravel Stabilization & Sustainable Paving

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Gravel Stabilization & Sustainable Paving   Gravel is a readily available and versatile building material. It is often used for surface type applications due to the fact that it is usually readily available and affordable. Gravel surfaces are permeable and allow the rainwater to enter the ground where it lands, recharging the aquifers and benefiting the [...]

Earth Day Campaign 2018 | #SolutiontoPollution | LID Permeable Paving

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Earth Day Campaign 2018 | #SolutiontoPollution | LID Permeable Paving Earth Day this year is scheduled for Sunday April 22nd. Earth Day was first held on April 22nd, 1970 and was founded originally as an environmental teach-in by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson; Wikipedia. Since its inception, Earth Day has developed into a worldwide event focusing [...]

Porous Driveway Pavement – An Affordable and Eco Friendly Alternative to Asphalt for Homeowners

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Congratulations on your new home! What an exciting time! All the hard work, countless hours choosing the right finishes, behind you…now it is time to enjoy! Wait, your driveway is still not finished! Chances are that your driveway is either rough gravel or a thin coating of asphalt. Curb appeal is a hot topic right now. [...]

Environmental Advantages to LID Permeable Paving | Changing Times Call for Changing Guidelines

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The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has taken the initiative and has said that one main focus in 2017 is to include Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) into new projects. LID is defined as a storm water management approach designed to mimic nature and manage rainfall where it lands. The [...]