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Plastic Bag Waste & Storm Water Runoff Solution

Plastic Bag Waste & Storm Water Runoff Solution

The recent opinion piece, “Community Conversations: Driveways, the environment and individual choices”,, focuses in part on a recent town hall meeting discussion on banning plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags contaminate the Earth’s waters and greatly damage the aquatic ecosystems. Communities across the country are coming together to change policies which, more often than not, focus on protecting the environment. These types of changes will provide a long reaching impact which will be felt for generations to come. The idea that it is up to us to ensure we leave the world a better and healthier environment for our children and our children’s children is deeply entrenched amongst us.

The author, Roger Colton, then changed direction and started talking about the stormwater run-off from his driveway and specifically about how the run off carries with it pollutants that then enter the nearby natural water bodies.

How interesting that Mr. Colton chose to connect the problems associated with plastic bag waste and the problems associated with storm water run-off.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Paving | Stormwater Run-off Solution | Ecoraster

There is a solution available that addresses both issues in a fully sustainable, eco-friendly manner; Ecoraster.

Ecoraster was initially developed as a way to use the plastic obtained from recycling plastic grocery bags. The founders of Purus Plastics started recycling plastic bags, a difficult and sophisticated process, in order to keep the plastic waste out of the landfills and out of the natural water bodies. Thirty years ago, this was revolutionary!

With an abundance of recycled plastic, the Ecoraster system was designed and engineered to use the plastic while providing a “permeable” surface through which storm water could easily pass, naturally recharging the aquifers while greatly reducing the polluted run-off which was entering the lakes and oceans.

Europe has been Using Permeable Paving for Decades

Europe has been a leader in incorporating sustainable building products for well over 3 decades. Solid surfaces for parking are forbidden and land owners are taxed accordingly.

They have been using permeable paving alternatives for over 3 decades!

Ecoraster is proven to work under extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and to support the heaviest of loads. It is the product of choice of the military and has been used world-wide for applications ranging from helicopter landing pads, to parking lots; from pathways, to driveways and from soft shoulder road reinforcement to erosion control.

Areas incorporating Ecoraster can be designed in such a way to manage the stormwater from surrounding areas, helping to use land in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Further to Mr. Colton’s article, imagine the impact if storm water management and the inclusion of systems such as Ecoraster, manufactured from 100% recycled plastics, became mainstream.

Not only would home owners, think driveways and pathways, but also municipalities, think carpool parking lots, school parking lots and large land owners, choose systems such as Ecoraster to manage storm water on site.

The storm water run-off would be greatly reduced, as would the damaging effects of flooding that is becoming more and more common with the changing weather patterns. The pollution ending up in our natural water bodies would be greatly reduced and the aquatic ecosystems would remain healthy and strong. The aquifers would be recharged, and the water could even be captured and reused for grey water applications.

In addition to all this, the plastic waste entering the landfills and waters, would also be minimized.

The perfect solution…

Ecoraster is a fully sustainable paving alternative, long-lasting, recycled and recyclable.

A product you can be proud to use!

Roger Colton’s opinion piece concludes with the message that government driven changes are important, but the individual has responsibilities as well to make eco-friendly decisions.

Imagine the wide-reaching impact if we all took Mr. Colton’s advice to heart!

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