Soft Shoulder Reinforcement2019-03-01T16:02:51+00:00

Project Description

Ecoraster® is commonly found along the edges of unsupported asphalt roads instead of soft shoulders. Ecoraster® acts as the first level of infiltration for roadside run off allowing the storm water to percolate into the ground beneath the Ecoraster® and naturally neutralize instead of polluting the roadside vegetation. Ecoraster® also eliminates the need and subsequent cost of regular soft shoulder and asphalt edge repairs and maintenance. Ecoraster® keeps the road edges strong and stable by eliminating the common breakdown of the edges caused by cars going off the road and water getting under the asphalt surface. Ecoraster® can be installed as soft shoulder reinforcement in wider segments to allow for temporary road widening that can be used during construction or for emergency purposes. Using Ecoraster® to reinforce bridge areas and turn off areas is beneficial from both a cost and safety perspective.