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5 Unique Applications of Ecoraster Paver Grids

Aside from permeable parking lot paving and mud control, there are countless creative uses for Ecoraster paver grids and the Ecoraster Bloxx system.

5 Unique Applications of Ecoraster Paver Grids

Most of the products we use in our daily lives have specific uses and applications.

There are those people, however, that thrive on taking one thing and using it for a totally different, unrelated application, often to find a solution for a troublesome problem. In fact, the concept of “MacGyvering” something is becoming popular and mainstream. For those of us a little older, the multiple uses of the lubricant spray WD-40 is one example that resonates.

In our case, Ecoraster grids have specific uses such as parking lot paving and mud control, however, our global clients have found countless unique uses for the paver grids as well.

We’d like to share a few unique applications of the Ecoraster grids, which will hopefully spark wonderful and creative ideas.

Ecoraster paver grids have been used for:

1. Permeable Ground Reinforcement in Small Areas

It can be challenging to find an affordable, durable, permeable stabilization product for small areas. Ecoraster grids and the Bloxx system have been used for hot tub pads, Man-Cave/She-Shed pads, greenhouse floors, and garage floors. Easily installed as a DIYer project, they’re also perfect for keeping costs down.

2. Vibration Reduction and Shock Absorption

Ecoraster grids are flexible and have been installed by homeowners and commercial property owners to reduce vibrations from generators and air conditioners, as well as for larger applications in the oil and gas industry. The grids are lightweight to transport, making them perfect for remote and hard-to-access locations.

3. Paver Base Stabilization

Ecoraster grids are installed as paver base stabilization for all types of projects and for a wide range of reasons. Especially In the city, it’s not only increasingly expensive to dispose of fill, it’s also time-consuming and challenging, as the fill has to be tested to ensure it’s not contaminated. Integrating the permeable paver grids into the base design can help reduce the required paver base depth by up to 50%, saving labour time and cutting costs associated with the disposal of fill. By incorporating Ecoraster grids into paver base design, contractors and homeowners are able to reduce the necessary paver base depth and can also help tremendously when there are underground obstructions such as tree roots, pipes, and cables. The grids can be left as the surface or can be topped with other paving materials such as interlocking paving stones and solid surfaces. The grids provide a solution for these kinds of challenging problems.

4. An Eco-Friendly Alternative Paving Material to Reduce the “Solid” Footprint

Ecoraster and Ecoraster Bloxx are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for permeable paving options and being mandated to reduce solid surfaces in their residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Land is tight and expensive, and people want to maximize its usage. Including permeable paving surfaces for driving, parking and storage helps to ensure the new requirements are being met. Ecoraster is being used to satisfy parking and driving needs for laneway houses, coach houses, and tiny houses. These are the perfect applications for our fully sustainable, winter-resilient grids.

5. Other Unique Uses

Other unique uses of Ecoraster permeable paver grids and Ecoraster Bloxx include boat launches, culvert reinforcement/erosion control (which allow for heavy vehicular access), RV parking, dog kennels/dog runs and “fun and game” projects including fire pits and life-sized chess/checkerboards.

The versatility of Ecoraster is boundless. What are you using your grids for?!