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  • Where can Ecoraster and other permeable paving solutions be included in residential areas?

    Ecoraster and other permeable paving solutions can be used to create permeable driveways, pathways, patios, hot tub/shed pads, to firm up muddy ground, and as tree root protection.
  • How do Ecoraster permeable paving solutions compare in cost to traditional paving surfaces?

    The answer to this question is multi-faceted. For residential applications, the cost of permeable paving is more expensive than “driveway grade” asphalt. It is cost competitive, if not less expensive, than concrete, interlocking paving stones,…See More
  • What is involved in the installation of permeable pavement?

    The effectiveness of permeable paving solutions depends on the base panels upon which the previous surface is installed. Best practice is using clean, angular permeable paving stones for the base. We suggest using ¾” stone….See More
  • Can LID Paving products be used in cold weather climates?

    Yes, all of the Ecoraster sustainable paving systems offered by LID Paving are winter-friendly, although they can also be used in extremely hot climates as well. The permeable paving solutions offered by LID Paving can…See More
  • Is LID Paving universally accessible?

    All of the permeable pavers, stones, and grid systems are offered by LID Paving are universally accessible and can be considered ADA/AODA compliant.
  • What are the different types of LID Paving?

    We are proud to offer different types of LID permeable paving products for different applications and budgets. The products we offer include; Ecoraster, Ecoraster Bloxx, Pour-in-place permeable rubber surfacing and Pure Pave/Rock Lock. We are…See More
  • What does LID Paving mean?

    LID stands for Low Impact Development, which is the design approach of using green infrastructure for maintenance-free stormwater management. LID Paving helps to manage stormwater “where it lands”, reducing run off in an environmentally friendly…See More
  • What are the different models of Ecoraster® used for?

    E50 is our strongest ground reinforcement system and can support up to 800 tonnes/m2. It is regularly used by the military, and can be reliably used for heavy duty applications such as parking lots, access…See More
  • Can Ecoraster® be used for “green” parking?

    Yes, Ecoraster® is the perfect product for grass parking for driveways and even eco-friendly, permeable green driveways and parking lots. Ecoraster® protects the roots of the grass or sedum from compaction, allowing for heavy vehicle…See More
  • Does Ecoraster® have to be installed by a qualified installer?

    No, Ecoraster® does not have to be installed by a special technician. Ecoraster® can be installed by local contractors and landscapers. Installation guides are readily available and we are happy to provide “on-site” installation guidance….See More
  • Can Ecoraster® be installed on a slope?

    Yes, Ecoraster® can be installed on slopes approaching vertical. Ecoraster® is widely used for erosion control and ground reinforcement, and can be specially ordered to facility pegging if necessary. Ecoraster®’s permeable paving stones and grids…See More
  • How is Ecoraster® installed?

    The installation of Ecoraster®’s permeable paving systems and products is quick and easy. It can be installed by the layperson at a rate of 1000 sq. ft. /person/hour. It comes pre-assembled in grid layers of…See More
  • What makes Ecoraster® unique?

    – The patented locking system ensures the plastic grid squares lock together allowing the Ecoraster® surface to be snow plowed or snow blown. – Superior weight load bearing – up to 800 tonnes/m2. – The…See More
  • What is Ecoraster® Bloxx?

    Ecoraster® Bloxx are the latest permeable paving blocks introduced by Purus NA Ecoraster® and Purus Plastics. The Bloxx permeable pavement system is comprised of a plastic matrix manufactured in the same manner as the original…See More
  • What is Ecoraster®?

    Ecoraster® is a sustainable, plastic permeable paver. It is also known as a geo gravel grid, geo cell, grass, gravel, or green paver, and porous pavement. Ecoraster® is the #1 permeable paving product in Europe…See More
  • Is Ecoraster® animal-friendly? Is it a comfortable surface for them to walk on?

    Ecoraster® is the product of choice for agricultural and equestrian settings. The flexible, yet sturdy, grids are extremely comfortable for the animals to walk, lay, and play on. The grids eliminate stormwater runoff and mud,…See More
  • Will I experience issues with weeds growing through the paver grids?

    In our experience, and our clients’ feedback, weed growth is not usually a problem with Ecoraster®. When clear, free-draining stones are used for the paver base and fill, weeds do not thrive.
  • What types of fill can be used with the paver grids?

    Ecoraster®’s unique grid system is fully permeable and can be filled with almost anything – grass, gravel, paving stones, sand, soil, etc. For best practice, we suggest the gravel fill be small, clear, and angular.
  • Can the paver grids be snow plowed?

    Absolutely! Thanks to our patented interlocking system, Ecoraster® paver grids can easily and effectively be snow plowed in the winter, which ensures the surface remains level, stable, safe, and unaffected by differential settlement caused by…See More
  • What material is Ecoraster® made of?

    Ecoraster® paver grids are made from 100% post-consumer recycled LDPE plastic found in plastic shopping bags and agriculture film. Ecoraster® Bloxx paver blocks are available in recycled rubber from tires, as well as concrete. All…See More
  • What makes Ecoraster® eco-friendly?

    LID Paving and Ecoraster® are committed to sustainable practices. Our paver grids are made from 100% post-consumer recycled LDPE plastic (as opposed to commonly-used HDPE) and are fully recyclable and reusable. Ecoraster® is manufactured in…See More
  • How does Ecoraster® stand up to heavy mud and dirt?

    Ecoraster® is fully-permeable and holds up incredibly against mud and dirt. The product instantly eliminates stormwater runoff, which in turn eliminates mud. The results are immediate and long-lasting! Contrary to popular belief, the paver grids…See More

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