LID Permeable Paving is proud to sell the Ecoraster line of products. Ecoraster is a world-class permeable paving solution designed in Germany and manufactured in Ontario by Purus North America. Ecoraster is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste and comes backed with a 20 year Manufacturer warranty.

The Ecoraster line of products includes:

E50 is the perfect solution for heavy-duty construction and landscaping. It stands up to the harshest of climates and holds up to 70,000 pounds per square foot. Learn More about Ecoraster E50 here:

Ecoraster E40 tough and lightweight which is the perfect solution for barn floors to parking lots. Learn more about Ecoraster E40 here:

Ecoraster E30 is a durable and easy to install solution for projects like equestrian arenas, garden shed floors, hot tub pads and pathways. Learn more about E30 here:

Ecoraster Bloxx
Ecoraster Bloxx combines the durability of Ecoraster with beautiful design. Ecoraster Bloxx is a grid solution that can be used on its own or in conjunction with traditional Ecoraster grid systems. Pavers are available in both concrete and rubber and like the rest of Ecoraster products is plowable and weather resistant. Learn more about Ecoraster Bloxx here: