Ecoraster®: Durable Permeable Paving Systems

Plowable, weather-resistant, and fully permeable, all products offered by LID Paving, including the Ecoraster® eco-friendly paving system come with the same promise of amazing quality and durability (not to mention a 20-year warranty)!

Browse below to discover the unique benefits and applications of our products and to find the best fit for your next paving project.

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Ecoraster® Eco-Friendly Paving is:

Made in Canada

Made of 100% recycled plastic bags

(100 bags per paver grid!)


Effective and efficient against stormwater runoff


Easy-to-install, even for DIY pavers

Able to withstand up to 800 tonnes/m²

Priced on-par with asphalt and concrete

Grass Grid Pavers

Ecoraster® permeable paving grids blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, allowing grass and vegetation to flourish, while stabilizing the ground beneath it. This makes them the perfect porous pavement solution when combined with grass or low-growth sedum.

Ideal Grass Grid Paver Applications:

  • Ground reinforcement
  • Campgrounds
  • Mud elimination
  • Municipal parks
  • Green driveways
  • Walkways
  • Permeable parking lots/parking pads
  • Cemeteries
  • Outdoor festival areas
  • Golf courses

Stone/Gravel-Filled Grids

Ecoraster® gravel grids are an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution for denting, rutting, potholes, pooling/puddling, and other damage commonly associated with traditional paving materials. Lightweight, yet durable, they keep the granular fill firmly in its place, so you never have to worry about regrading, migration, or compaction of the gravel.

Ideal Stone/Gravel-Filled Grid Applications:

  • Stone/gravel stabilization
  • Road shoulders
  • Mud, dust, and dirt elimination
  • Bike lanes
  • Commercial parking lots
  • Eco-friendly walkways
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Horse walkers, paddocks, pens
  • Nature pathways
  • Access roads/emergency access lanes
  • Universally-accessible surfaces

Permeable Paving Stones

Ecoraster® Bloxx permeable paver blocks – available with both concrete and recycled rubber inserts, can be used on their own or combined with Ecoraster® grid systems. This porous pavement solution offers an infiltration rate of 3000″ of water/hour, limited only by the base beneath the system.

Ideal Ecoraster® Bloxx Applications:

  • Footpaths, bike lanes, and pathways
  • Access lanes
  • Green driveways
  • Logistics surfaces
  • Permeable parking lots
  • Loading areas
  • Access lanes/emergency access lanes
  • Pedestrian pavilions
  • Rooftop surfacing (using rubber pavers)
  • Patios

Paver Base Stabilizers

Ecoraster® X30, as well as the other E series grids, are often used as heavy-duty paver base stabilizers. Incorporated within the base preparation for unit paving stones, X30 helps reduce the necessary paver base depth by up to half while ensuring the paver surface remains level, stable, and safe. No shifting, lifting, or heaving of the pavers!

Perfect when there are underground obstructions such as tree roots or pipes and when excavation and disposal are cost-prohibitive.

Ideal Paver Base Stabilizer Applications:

  • Multi-purpose paver base
  • Ground reinforcement
  • Hardscape and landscape projects
  • Shed flooring

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