Residential Permeable Paving Solutions

Ecoraster’s sustainable paving grids and stones are lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install (there’s often no need for professional paving contractors!). Whether you’re experiencing backyard drainage problems or you’re simply looking for eco-friendly alternatives to concrete and asphalt, Ecoraster® is the perfect solution for your next residential paving project!

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  • Permeable
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Multi-Purpose

Ecoraster® permeable pavers can be used for many residential applications, including:

Ecoraster® permeable pavers can be used for many residential applications, including:

  • Permeable driveways
  • Hot tub pads
  • Green parking pads
  • Any high-traffic areas prone to mud
  • Eco-friendly patio pavers
  • Pool decking
  • Shed flooring
  • Walkway/pathway ground reinforcement

All of our products are confidently-backed by a 20-year warranty!

Instantly eliminate mud, dust, and dirt

  • See immediate results after installation
  • Permanently get rid of mud and pooling in high-traffic areas
  • Reinforce unstable ground, even on a steep incline
  • Create simple front yard and backyard drainage solutions
  • Instantly improve stormwater management

Reduce property maintenance time and associated costs

  • Implement a cost-effective paving solution (on-par in price with interlocking pavers and concrete)
  • Save money on installation, with easy-to-use DIY instructions
  • Prevent ice and snow build-up, along with the need for road salt
  • Create an easily plowable permeable surface
  • Simplify opening/closing procedures for pool decking, hot tubs, seating areas, etc.

Promote a sustainable lifestyle at home

  • Invest in a 100% recycled, recyclable, and reusable product
  • Reduce harmful stormwater runoff around your property
  • Eliminate the need for additional drainage infrastructure
  • Keep up with municipal guidelines and restrictions on “solid” surfaces
  • Implement a long-term solution, guaranteed to last 20+ years

The Best Permeable Paving Products

Ecoraster’s durability and permeability dramatically reduce long-term costs, especially when compared to traditional paving materials. Engineered in Germany, made in Canada, and backed by a 20-year warranty, Ecoraster® can be used in residential paving projects large and small.

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