Keep Nature Natural – It’s Time to Take Action

Keep Nature Natural – It’s Time to Take Action We are fortunate to live in a majestic country! Everything from mountains to valleys, lakes to creeks; Canada is a country that is abundant in natural resources which can be appreciated by all. Thanks to the support of multiple levels of government, there are protective agencies in place to ensure our [...]

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Fall Weather and Ecoraster

Fall Weather and Ecoraster Summer took a while to get here, but, oh, was it worth the wait! The longer, sun drenched days and balmy evenings were just perfect. Hopefully the warm days will stick around for many weeks to come before the unpredictable fall weather arrives. Fall is always a mixed bag; crisp mornings, shortening days, beautiful foliage colors [...]

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Ecoraster and Pets

Ecoraster and Pets For most of us, pets become members of our families and as family members, we want only the best for them. These days, pets can come in all shapes and sizes; everything from Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus to Arabian and Clydesdales horses. Ensuring our pets remain healthy is paramount and minimizing time spent cleaning up after them [...]

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Durable and Sustainable Paving with Ecoraster

Durable and Sustainable Paving with Ecoraster We were recently contacted by a designer looking for a permeable product, a grass paving type product, for his client’s new driveway area. He remembered visiting our booth at a trade show and reached out for pricing and delivery options. They were exploring green paving alternatives for two main reasons; using grass paving which [...]

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A Sustainable and Green Future

A Sustainable and Green Future I was fortunate to spend a vacation week abroad. When visiting other countries one is instantly submerged in the culture, the food, and the music. Delving deeper, you start to explore the politics, the daily way of life and in my case, the practices and protocols in regards to recycling and sustainability. The country I [...]

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Single Use Plastics vs Ecoraster

Single Use Plastics vs Ecoraster Single use plastics and their effect on the increasing pollution in our landfills and water bodies is a hot topic worldwide. Plastic waste is damaging our ecosystems and is dangerous and can be deadly to living organisms. As with any challenging issue there are many ways to explore both the problem and the solution. It [...]

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