LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

5 Reasons to Use Ecoraster as a Paver Base for Your Next Paving Project

As most landscapers and contractors know, adding a paver base beneath paving stones and other materials comes with major benefits! From cost savings to ground reinforcement, a durable, high-quality paver base like Ecoraster can make all the difference in a paving, landscaping, or hardscaping project. Here’s why!

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1. Ecoraster Reduces Paver Base Depth By Up to Half!

A reduction in paver base depth is a big deal for many reasons. First off, earth and soil disposal can be an expensive process here in Ontario. Depending on your city or even your municipality, it can cost hundreds of dollars to get rid of unwanted soil. Especially for larger paving projects, this will require special clearances and soil testing, not to mention the transportation arrangements you’ll have to make to move the materials to a dumping ground. Ecoraster has been proven to cut down on paver base depth by up to half, which essentially reduces the amount of excess soil by the same amount.

Not having to dig as deep also eliminates a list of other issues like having to deal with any hidden obstructions, such as tree roots and pipes. Working with depth can often be unpredictable during construction, so the closer to the surface you can stay, the more thankful you’ll be!

2. It Saves Money on Gravel Base and Other Materials

This may seem obvious, but another byproduct of reduced digging is fewer materials needed to fill the space! By using Ecoraster as a paver base, you’ll also be saving on the tons of sand or gravel often required during landscaping, hardscaping, or paving projects. Ecoraster’s durable paver grids have been designed in such a way that they can be filled with any material from gravel to woodchips, without requiring a lot of fill per meter squared. The paver grids also do an amazing job of holding these materials in place. This means that after installation, you likely won’t need to do a refill for quite some time.

3. It Reinforces Conventional Paving Surfaces and Uneven Ground

Ecoraster’s permeable pavement systems were made to work in tandem with whatever conditions are thrown their way. While this is sometimes overlooked, adding an Ecoraster paver base beneath conventional solid surfaces, will serve as ground reinforcement for the area. These German-engineered paver base panels are flexible and click together like a puzzle, meaning they can handle steep angles and oddly shaped surfaces.

4. It’s Lightweight and Easy to Transport¬†

Don’t be fooled by Ecoraster’s light weight; our permeable paving systems may be super easy to transport and lift by hand, but when it comes to durability, they get the job done. This makes Ecoraster the best paver base for pavers, as it won’t break your back, but it also won’t snap or crack once laid.¬†

5. Ecoraster is Easy-to-Install and Maintain

As we mentioned, Ecoraster installation is as easy as snapping the parts together! When laying it down as a paver base, you won’t have to struggle or spend a lot of extra time on the job. It’s just a matter of getting it done right the first time (which we would be happy to help you with!), then maintenance will pretty much take care of itself. All of our permeable grids are guaranteed for 20 years, which we can confidently stand behind since we’ve seen them last at least that long, time and time again!

LID Permeable Paving has an incredible selection of Ecoraster paver bases and other permeable solutions.