Parking Lots

Ecoraster® is the number one choice for heavy-duty, high quality, cold weather friendly parking lot paving. It is more affordable than concrete or asphalt and truly LID and sustainable. The versatility of the Ecoraster® system is a designer’s dream; a beautiful parking lot that allows storm water to be managed on site, where it lands.

Access Roads/Fire Access

Ecoraster® is used for heavy duty access roads and fire access lanes. Providing superior weight load bearing strength, (up to 800 tonnes/m2 even in extreme temperatures – both hot and cold) Ecoraster® is the perfect solution for affordable, heavy vehicle access.

Soft Shoulder Reinforcement

Ecoraster® is installed as soft shoulder reinforcement and filled with gravel or left to naturally vegetate. Ecoraster® provides long lasting support to the roadside edge reducing the need for regular maintenance and providing a safe driving area for car and driver.

Hot Tub Pads

Ecoraster® is the perfect product for an affordable, easy to install Hot Tub/Jacuzzi pad that can remain installed for 12 months of the year. Using Ecoraster® E40 filled with gravel is easy for DIYers and cost effective especially for small areas.

Interlocking Base Stabilizer

Using Ecoraster® beneath unit interlocking pavers acts as a base stabilizer allowing for a reduced base excavation. Ecoraster® will save you both time and money and ensure a long lasting, superior finished installation.


Ecoraster® allows gravel areas; parking lots, pathways and gravel access lanes to be universally accessible by containing the gravel fill, eliminating all migration and compaction and ensuring the surface remains level, stable and permeable.

Grass Parking Pads

Ecoraster® provides a solution for increasing parking surfaces for residential needs in a “green” and eco-friendly manner. Cold weather friendly, Ecoraster® is the perfect product for Canadian winters.

Ecoraster® for Agriculture

Ecoraster® is proven to be helpful and cost effective for barn floors, muddy paddocks, gates and feeders and sand bed reinforcement. Affordable and easy to install while providing immediate results makes Ecoraster® the product farm owners turn to.

Equestrian/Equine Applications

Equine applications using Ecoraster® is one of the biggest markets in Europe. A well-known and well respected product, Ecoraster®, is used for mud reduction, riding arenas, trails and much more through equestrian facilities to keep the horses healthy and the riders happy.