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How LID Permeable Paving is Improving Winter Driving Conditions in Ontario

How LID Permeable Paving is Improving Winter Driving Conditions in Ontario

Brace yourselves, Ontarians, in just a few short months our province will be covered in snow once again. Although it’s a beautiful season, winter can make driving conditions challenging and road maintenance that much more difficult. Between the lowered visibility, ice, snow, and sleet build-up, the elements may be stacked against drivers, but LID Permeable Paving has a solution! 

By adding our paver grids, permeable pavers, and other products to your commercial or residential property, we’ll show you how you can quickly improve winter driving conditions and make the snowy season a little easier.

Plastic Grid Pavers That Won’t Snap, Crack, or Break in Cold Weather

While traditional asphalt or concrete roads and parking lots typically crack in harsh winter conditions, LID’s plastic grid pavers were specially engineered to withstand temperatures of up to -60℃. With Ontario’s lowest recorded temperature sitting at -58.4℃, our Ecoraster paver grids and paver blocks will remain in excellent condition, no matter the weather.  

Snow Plow-Friendly Pavers

Clients often ask us how our paver grids hold up against commercial snowplows; and luckily, Ecoraster has thought of everything! Our grids can withstand up to 800 tonnes/㎡, meaning even the largest, heaviest snowplows can easily pass over them. Any built-up snow is simply skimmed off the top, without cracking the grids or getting stuck in the gaps. For sand or gravel-filled grids, the filling is held in place by durable recycled plastic, preventing any loose materials from flying out when met with a snowplow.  

Reduced Ice Build-Up and No Freeze-Melt Cycle

One of the most incredible benefits of Ecoraster permeable paving is that stormwater runoff is virtually eliminated by its installation. Since ice is just frozen water, this holds true in cold weather as well. Unlike concrete or asphalt paving, Ecoraster doesn’t become a skating rink in the winter. Instead, it allows water to pass through before it has a chance to freeze over, forming far less ice and sleet on the surface. 

Minimal Maintenance Required

Road salt can be harmful to our environment, creating all sorts of problems for our water sources and eco-systems. On top of that, it’s also not a foolproof method for improving dangerous road conditions. By installing Ecoraster, commercial and residential clients in Ontario have found that the need for road salt is greatly reduced. This, in turn, makes our paver grids much easier to maintain and improves winter driving conditions.