LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Benefits of Permeable Paving for Parking Lots

Benefits of Permeable Paving for Parking Lots

As a first-timer attending the CPA, Canadian Parking Association, conference this past September, the experience was both educational and impressive. Most drivers do not put much thought into the science of the “parking process”. There is, however, a multi-faceted, technologically advanced, industry behind the parking industry. It is well known that technology is ever changing. The way we gather information is changing and drivers’ expectations and demands from the parking industry are changing and changing quickly.

Sustainable Practices for Parking Lots in Ontario LID (Low Impact Development) & Green Infrastructure

Not only is parking becoming a sophisticated process involving GPS, apps and LPR it is also moving towards the inclusion of sustainable practices and in many cases, LID (low impact development) and green infrastructure. Parking is becoming a balance of high tech and “back to basics”. Land is expensive, notably especially in and around city centers. Taking steps to ensure the land is used in an effective and efficient manner is a priority for builders and municipalities alike. Utilizing permeable paving alternatives allows the surface area to function not only as a parking/driving surface, but also as an infiltration area, allowing stormwater to be stored on site, “where it lands”. Reducing run off and the subsequent pollutants entering the nearby ecosystems and natural water bodies is a paramount focus throughout Canada and the US.

LID Permeable Paving Helps to Reduce Surface Run Off

Permeable paving systems and especially those considered LID paving systems help to greatly reduce the run off leaving the surface. Water enters the ground beneath the permeable surface in a natural manner, recharging the aquifers. In many projects, the water is captured and held beneath the surface and re-purposed for grey water type applications. Ensuring that water is used efficiently is very important especially in climates where water is scarcer.

Permeable Paving Helps Mitigate Negative Heat Island Effect

Permeable paving surfaces also help to mitigate the negative effects of the heat island effect. Areas including porous surfaces are cooler than their solid surface counterparts. This is very important especially in light of the many recent articles highlighting the impact of climate change as related to the Earth’s temperature and the resultant effects on mankind and the surrounding ecosystems.

There are different permeable pavement options available differing in regard to budget, resilience, maintenance, aesthetics and performance. Many of the systems can be used in conjunction with each other further enhancing the design possibilities. Permeable paving surfaces can be used together with solar panels, taking full advantage of the land and multi-tasking the area.

Parking Lot Paving | More Government Grants & Incentives for LID Paving Solutions

There are more and more incentives and grants available on many different levels to promote and encourage the inclusion of LID pavement options and green infrastructure.

The topic of Climate Change is front and center and the importance of reducing the negative effects caused by the changing weather patterns is one of the main catalysts propelling people to move towards “green” practices. Including LID Paving alternatives and other techniques such as rain gardens and bioswales is one way that everyone from home owners to business owners to municipalities to builders and developers can take the steps to say the future of the Earth is important to me and I will do my part to include these types of solutions into my life.

The future of parking may be advancing technologically however, grounding, no pun intended, the surface parking industry in the “green” world will benefit us all!

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