LID Permeable Paving

Installing an Ecoraster E40 Driveway for this Guelph Homeowner

There is a strong movement towards including permeable alternatives into both commercial and residential landscaping in the Guelph area of Ontario. The management of storm water where it lands and the introduction of new storm water taxes are leading more and more residents to explore permeable alternatives such as the Ecoraster system.

The landscape designer of this project, Nathan, is strongly focused on sustainability and green alternatives and turned to Purus NA Ecoraster to discuss possible design options for an upcoming residential driveway that could be greened, retain its permeability and be easy to maintain.

Together with the customer, they decided to go with Ecoraster E40. They installed the Ecoraster onto of a properly prepared based and filled the cells of the grid with small pieces of sod.

They incorporated driving lanes using interlocking paving stones.

The finished product is beautiful and they are very pleased with the results.

Installed: June 2016

Location: Guelph, Ontario