LID Permeable Paving

Ecoraster E40 Black Gravel-filled Driveway

The owners of this home located in central Toronto wanted to update their driveway and front garden area in sustainable LID fashion. They contacted Mike Prong from Fern Ridge Eco Landscaping, a company focusing on environmentally friendly alternatives to asphalt, and permeable products promoting stormwater management.

They decided to use the Ecoraster E40 permeable paving system, filled with black gravel granite, as an eco-friendly alternative to their existing asphalt driveway which was in need of repair.

The old driveway was removed and disposed of, a porous gravel base stabilizer was installed. The Ecoraster E40 permeable driveway was placed on top of the gravel base and filled with black granite gravel. The Fern Ridge Eco team commented on how straightforward and easy it was to install the Ecoraster.

A permeable pathway and beautiful gardening beds were added to finish the project.

The front yard looks beautiful, and everyone is thrilled with the results!

The Ecoraster porous driveway is easy to maintain, and when winter comes, it can be cleared of snow with either a snow plow or snow blower. The Ecoraster driveway surface will also remain level, stable, and puddle free, and will not need nearly as much, if any, salt to keep it safe in the winter.

Installed: July 2017 by Fern Ridge Eco Landscaping, Mike Prong and team.

Location: Toronto, Ontario