LID Permeable Paving

Installing Ecoraster E50 for the Biodiesel Facility’s Parking and Driving Surface

The company contacted us looking for an affordable, sustainable paving solution for a heavy duty, high traffic area in their facility.

The Ecoraster E50 product was chosen to provide a safe, stable driving surface that would support their needs as an eco-friendly alternative to asphalt or concrete.

The Ecoraster grid system was quickly and easily installed upon the prepared base. Ecoraster has been used for over two decades for installations such as this, even in areas of extreme temperatures. The Ecoraster permeable grid system locks together with a patented locking system, allowing the area to be snow-plowed in the winter and ensures no movement between the individual grids even when subjected to turning and torquing of the tires.

Installed: March 2016

Location: Welland, Ontario

Installed by: Grant Peel; R.G. Peel Construction

Product: Ecoraster E50