LID Permeable Paving

Incorporating Ecoraster Bloxx with a Residential Concrete Driveway

The existing asphalt driveway attached to this home in West Hamilton Mountain was in need of repair. The home owner decided to replace the asphalt surface with a permeable paving solution, and with the guidance from their contractor, chose the Ecoraster Bloxx sustainable grid system.

The existing asphalt surface was removed and the base below was excavated and replaced with a porous, clear gravel. The gravel fill was leveled and the plastic Ecoraster Bloxx grid matrix was installed.

Once the surface was covered with Bloxx forms, the pavers were quickly and easily placed within the cells of the Bloxx grids. The driveway area was immediately functional and helped keep stormwater management on site, thereby reducing run off. The surface will remain level and stable and can be easily cleared of snow in the winter.

Everyone was very pleased with the Ecoraster Bloxx installation process and the final results!

Case study: Residential concrete driveway using Ecoraster Bloxx with concrete pavers.

Size: 600 sq ft

Installed: September 2017

Location: West Hamilton Mountain, Hamilton, Ontario