LID Permeable Paving

Installing Ecoraster E50 as Soft Shoulder Reinforcement

Ecoraster E50 permeable paving solution was installed as soft shoulder reinforcement along a section of Convair Drive.

Ecoraster was placed 6-grid sections wide along the asphalt edge of the newly installed road and filled with clear angular ¼” gravel.

In this application, Ecoraster acts as the first level of infiltration for stormwater runoff from the road, providing on-site stormwater management. Ecoraster also protects the asphalt edge and eliminates the height differential between the road and the shoulder, providing additional safety for the drivers. The asphalt road edge is protected from the degradation that is commonly found on roads with soft shoulders.

Installed: December 2016

Location: Convair Drive, Toronto, Ontario

Size: 200 m2

Customer: GTAA – Greater Toronto Airport Authority