Commercial and Industrial Permeable Paving Solutions

Looking for alternatives to asphalt parking lots for your commercial or industrial property? Need a no-maintenance solution to your yard or parking lot drainage problems that’s environmentally-friendly and sustainable?

Ecoraster®, the leading permeable paving solution in Toronto and across Ontario, that’s also been the standard in Europe for 25 years, can benefit commercial and industrial projects in many different ways:

  • Ecoraster® is an affordable alternative paving material that’s replacing asphalt and concrete on a number of commercial and industrial properties that are looking for better yard drainage, stormwater management, and a green-forward solution. In these applications, specifically due to the need for high quality permeable pavers, the cost of permeable paving is very attractive to property owners. Our 20-year product warranty further enhances the cost benefits and ROI of incorporating Ecoraster® permeable pavement for surface parking and ground reinforcement.
  • Since these types of applications are usually larger, the impact on the reduction in stormwater taxes are guaranteed to be significant, considering the rising costs of stormwater taxes in Ontario and across Canada.
  • Ecoraster permeable pavers can be used for loading areas, heavy traffic areas for heavy loads, and customer and employee surface parking. Ecoraster® grid and grass grid pavers can also be used for permeable driveways, sidewalks, pathways, and warehouse storage areas. Ecoraster® plastic grid pavers have successfully been used for heavy duty access lanes, fire access, and internal roads in home developments, too.
  • Ecoraster® will eliminate surface and yard drainage issues, and provides on-site stormwater infrastructure – this means there’s no need for stormwater ponds, leading to cost-effective and efficient land use.
  • Ecoraster® permeable pavement options can help the you achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status. Additionally, Ecoraster® will help enhance and solidify your commitment to sustainability with true, green alternatives to asphalt. Easily visible to customers from the first step outside the building, Ecoraster® extends the idea of green building and eco-friendly sensitivity to the outside of the building.