LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Ecoraster for Equine Applications

Ecoraster for Equine Applications

Do you have puddles in your paddocks? Are you scared of “boot sucking” mud? Are your horses losing their shoes?

Mud is an ongoing problem especially in the Spring. The harsh, snowy winter that is soon ending, one can only hope, has brought with it the strong possibility for a very muddy Spring and that is before the “April showers” start.

Speaking to horse and livestock owners and to farmers, the conversation always comes around to mud. The constant compaction of the ground in heavy traffic areas such as paddocks, feeding/watering areas and gates leads to mud that is very hard to control once it starts. Excessive mud leads to time consuming maintenance of both the facility and the horses.

Additional costs are often incurred in muddy facilities; more frequent visits from the farrier; troublesome horse ailments; and an increase in food costs, for example.

The Ecoraster system can be installed to provide immediate, long lasting results. Ecoraster is straight forward and easy to install. The grid can be installed even before the ground fully thaws. The product can be used where the need is the greatest and can be added to as time and budget allow. Ecoraster has been tested to the highest standards and is totally environmentally sensitive. It is guaranteed for 20 years and is designed to perform in cold weather climates.

Mud problems are eliminated immediately after the Ecoraster grids are installed. Horses stay clean and dry, no lost shoes to worry about and no costly medications needed for mud fever or hoof ailments. Paddocks are easily cleaned and can be maintained with ease using equipment such as a front loader or back scraper. Feeding areas are kept level, stable and dry.

Ecoraster can be easily installed in even small areas due to the small grid size and the versatility and flexibility of the product.

Ecoraster for Outdoor Riding Arenas

Do you have puddles in your outdoor riding arenas? Is your riding season affected by rain? Does it take a long time for your arena to “dry out” after a storm?

Quality equestrian facilities pride themselves on providing horse and rider a premium riding surface, both indoors and out. Challenges arise when the outdoor arena area has drainage problems. Riding arenas without free draining bases are subjected to overly wet conditions that compromise the integrity of the riding surface for both horse and rider.

Products that provide free draining bases for equestrian riding arenas, such as the Ecoraster system, ensure a premium riding surface with an extended season and allow for safe and enjoyable riding even immediately after a large rain event.

There are many examples and references available of installations at equine facilities world wide where the “Ecoraster” reinforced outdoor ring is the only riding area that is usable immediately following a rainy period. In light of the changing weather patterns and the increasing frequency and strength of rain events, using Ecoraster to reinforce outdoor areas is truly a benefit.

An added bonus with Ecoraster is the flexibility of the grid, retained even under extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, which provides an elastic type riding surface cushioning both horse and rider.

The one time installation of Ecoraster will provide a long lasting, durable, easy to maintain arena with a premium riding surface that can be enjoyed for decades.