The equestrian and agricultural applications of Ecoraster® are well known and accepted worldwide.
 – Ecoraster® is a high quality, permeable ground reinforcement product that immediately and efficiently eliminates mud from high traffic areas like gates, feeding areas and paddocks.
 – Excellent for Equestrian/Equine use, Ecoraster® is an elastic product that retains its flexibility in extreme climates, both hot and cold, and makes the surface enjoyable and safe for both horse and rider.
 – Ecoraster® is also used as a base enhancement for riding arenas, separating the base from the footing material and ensuring the surface stays dry. Using Ecoraster® as a base stabilizer for riding arenas helps to extend the riding season by keeping the surface dry and puddle free.
–  Ecoraster® is used for dairy barns as a sand bed stabilizer, reducing the volume of sand bedding needed, facilitating regular clean up and providing an insulating base keeping the livestock warmer and dryer.
 – Ecoraster® has been used for chickens, pigs, llamas and sheep for a wide range of applications from farrowing huts, to coop flooring and from outdoor ground stabilization to farm vehicle access lanes.
 – Ecoraster® is easy to install and can also be used in small areas and amounts where the need is greatest.