Permeable Ground Reinforcement Solutions for Equestrian & Agriculture

The equestrian and agricultural ground reinforcement applications of Ecoraster® for muddy paddocks, gates, arenas (equestrian), and farms (agriculture) are well known and accepted worldwide. Our permeable pavers afford a number of benefits for these properties:

  • Ecoraster®’s line of high quality, permeable paving stones, blocks, and grid systems create efficient solutions for muddy paddocks, helping firm up muddy ground for safer, sustainable high-traffic areas for either horses or livestock.
  • Excellent for Equestrian/Equine use, Ecoraster® porous plastic grid pavers is an elastic product that retains its flexibility in extreme climates, both hot and cold, and makes the paddock flooring enjoyable and safe for both horse and rider. This is the simplest, lowest-maintenance solution for horse paddock drainage issues!
  • Ecoraster® permeable paving solutions are also used as a base enhancement for riding arenas, separating the base from the footing material and ensuring the surface stays dry. Using Ecoraster® as a base stabilizer for riding arenas extends riding season by keeping the surface dry and puddle-free.
  • Ecoraster® is used for dairy barns as a sand bed stabilizer, reducing the volume of sand bedding needed, facilitating regular clean up and providing an insulating base keeping the livestock warmer and dryer.
  • Ecoraster® grass block pavers have been used for chickens, pigs, llamas and sheep applications – including but not limited to livestock bedding material,  farrowing huts, coop flooring, outdoor ground stabilization, and farm vehicle access lanes.
  • Ecoraster® is easy to install and can also be used in small areas and amounts where the need is greatest, like if you have horse paddock drainage issues or just need to firm up some muddy ground!

As Ontario’s leading permeable pavers, we’re here to help you choose the best permeable paving products for your equestrian and agricultural needs. For more information about Ecoraster and our alternative paving materials, get in touch with LID Permeable Paving Canada today!