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Ecoraster® is a flexible plastic porous paver. It is also known as a geo grid, geo cell, grass/gravel paver and a permeable paver. Ecoraster® is the #1 permeable paving product in Europe with over 150,000,000 sq. ft. installed to date. Ecoraster® is an engineered product with flex and expansion components included in the design. Ecoraster® has a patented specialized locking system. Ecoraster® is 100% post-consumer LDPE recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable or reusable. Ecoraster qualifies for LEED points and is a Declare labelled product and Red List Free. Ecoraster® models include E30, X30, E40, E50 and S50.

Ecoraster® Bloxx is the newest permeable product introduced by Purus NA Ecoraster® and Purus Plastics. The Bloxx system is comprised of a plastic matrix manufactured in the same manner as the original Ecoraster® system and for (remove) specially designed pavers. The pavers are available in a wide range of colors and are manufactured in both concrete and recycled crumb rubber from tires. The Bloxx system incorporates the popular look of interlocking pavers without the risk of future shifting, lifting or heaving. The Bloxx system can be used in conjunction with the Ecoraster® E50.

– The patented locking system ensures the grid squares lock together allowing the Ecoraster® surface to be snow plowed or snow blown.

– Superior weight load bearing – up to 800 tonnes/m2.

– The individual cells contain the fill ensuring no migration or compaction.

– It is a cost-effective alternative to asphalt and concrete.

– It is high quality and durable in extreme temperatures; both hot and cold.

– 100% Low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

– It is engineered with expansion joints to minimize the effects of temperature change.

The installation of Ecoraster® is quick and easy. It can be installed by the layperson at a rate of 1000 sq. ft. /person/hour. It comes pre-assembled in layers of 3 tiles x 4 tiles. Once the base is prepared, the layers of grid are installed, starting in one corner with the tabs facing out. The next layer of grid is placed with the tabs lining up and clicked into place. Please note: Specific installation guidelines will differ based on the application. Detailed installation guidelines can be found on our website or you can call and speak to one of our representatives about your specific project needs.

Yes, Ecoraster® can be installed on slopes approaching vertical. Ecoraster® is widely used for erosion control and can be specially ordered to facility pegging if necessary. Ecoraster® can be easily installed for sloping driveways and pathways and the design of the grid ensures that the fill remains contained even on slopes.

No, Ecoraster® does not have to be installed by a special technician.  Ecoraster® can be installed by local contractors and landscapers. Installation guides are readily available and we are happy to provide “on site” installation guidance. Ecoraster® is also a great product for the DIYer and can be installed by home owners for hot tub pads, parking pads, patios and pathways.

Learn more about the installation of Ecoraster here.

Yes, Ecoraster® is the perfect product for grass parking for driveways and even parking lots. Ecoraster® protects the roots of the grass or sedum from compaction allowing for heavy vehicle traffic on a truly green surface.

E50 is our strongest product and can support up to 800 tonnes/m2. It is used by the military and can be reliably used for heavy duty applications such as parking lots, access roads, helicopter landing pads and fire access lanes. E40 is our general all-purpose grid and can be used for everything from driveways, parking lots, pathways, access lanes, tree root protection, hot tub pads and much more including equine and agricultural needs. S50 is used for erosion control as well as equine applications. X30 is used primarily as a base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking pavers and solid surfaces.

LID stands for Low Impact Development, which is the design approach of using green infrastructure to manage stormwater run off. LID Paving helps to manage stormwater “where it lands” reducing run off, in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are proud to offer different types of LID paving for different applications and budgets.

The products we offer include; Ecoraster, Ecoraster Bloxx, Pour-in-place permeable rubber surfacing and Pure Pave/Rock Lock.

We are happy to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs.

All the products offered have been tested to the highest standards and are winter resilient.

All of the products offered by LID Paving are universally accessible and can be considered ADA/AODA compliant.

Yes, all of the products offered by LID Paving are winter friendly, although they can also be used in extremely hot climates as well. The products offered by LID Paving can be cleared in the winter with either a snow plow or snow blower. The permeable surfaces offered by LID Paving require minimal salt, saving money and reducing the negative impact of road salt on the neighboring ecosystems and natural water bodies.

The effectiveness of a permeable surfaces depends on the base upon which the porous surface is installed. Best managed practice is using clean, angular stone for the base. We suggest using ¾” stone. The storm water flows through the permeable surface and gets stored in the voids within the base fill. The depth of the base will depend on your soil conditions, your weight bearing needs and your water storage requirements. Once the base is prepared, the Ecoraster system can be installed at a rate of  approx. 1000 sq ft/person/hour. Permeable surfaces can also be installed directly on solid surfaces although the water storage of the area will be minimal.

The answer to this question is multi faceted. For residential applications, the Ecoraster system is more expensive than “driveway grade” asphalt. It is cost competitive, if not less expensive than concrete and interlocking paving stones. The Ecoraster system will last much, much longer than asphalt, requires minimal if any maintenance and allows you to great reduce your winter salt usage. For commercial and industrial applications, if the base preparation is taken out of the equation, Ecoraster is cost competitive, if not less expensive than commercial grade asphalt and is less expensive than concrete. In addition, when Ecoraster is used, traditional drainage infrastructure is not necessary, maintenance costs are minimal, winter salt usage is greatly reduced and the lifespan of the Ecoraster product is much, much greater than asphalt. The Ecoraster product is guaranteed for 20 years. Added to this, including permeable surfaces will be considered towards storm water tax credits if applicable in your jurisdiction.

Ecoraster and other permeable surfaces can be used for driveways, pathways, patios, hot tub/shed pads, mud reduction and tree root protection.