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Residential Permeable Paving Solutions

Ecoraster®, LID Permeable Paving’s leading permeable pavement solution, has many uses and applications for home, garden, and DIYer (Do It Yourself-ER) projects for homeowners. This can range from offering you simple front yard and backyard drainage solutions, muddy yard solutions, ground reinforcement, and so much more.

Ecoraster’s® sustainable residential paving is lightweight and easy to install. The clear to follow instructions and installation guidelines makes Ecoraster® permeable pavers easy to install by the independent DIYer. Changing municipal guidelines and the restriction on “solid” surfaces have more and more people looking for alternative paving materials.

Ecoraster® permeable paving stones and blocks are the perfect product for sustainable parking pads, or any place on your property you’d like green alternatives to asphalt. Ecoraster® can either be gravel or grass pavers, and used to extend the available surface for parking, for either temporary or permanent needs. Ecoraster® is also engineered for extreme climates which is perfect for Canadian winters. Most importantly, Ecoraster®, both grass and gravel-filled pavers, can be both snow plowed and snow blown. Ecoraster® permeable pavement can be used as a concrete or asphalt alternative and is efficiently installed for hot tub pads, shed pads, and even pathways.

  • Ecoraster® Bloxx is a product that can help provide an “interlocking grid paver” look, and is easily installed without the risk of future shifting, lifting, or heaving of the grid pavers.
  • These permeable pavers can be used to create create water permeable driveways, pathways, patios, and the areas around swimming pools.
  • Ecoraster® X30 can also be used by the homeowner as a paver base panel stabilizer beneath grid pavers, allowing for a minimal base while providing a long lasting finished product.
  • Ecoraster® X30 is affordable and the savings associated by using Ecoraster® X30 far outweigh the cost of the product.
  • Although Ecoraster® is a DIYer friendly product, it can also be installed by our professional permeable pavers in Toronto and across Ontario, especially for larger home projects.