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LID Permeable Paving & Storm Management

LID Permeable Paving & Storm Management

Stormwater management is a frequent topic of conversation. Climate change, rain events that are changing in both frequency and intensity, increasing flooding that is both costly and damaging, are occurrences that can not be ignored for much longer. What is the solution? Are “blanket” stormwater management fees the way to go? Will they affect the change that is needed in the most cost and time effective manner? Is there a way to change practices to provide incentives to those taking steps to manage stormwater on site, reducing run off by including LID and green infrastructure?The aging municipal infrastructure can not handle the changing weather patterns and the increasing water volumes we are now seeing regularly.

Stormwater Fees and Taxes are Not Enough | LID Permeable Paving | Govt. Incentives are Available

Stormwater fees and/or taxes will help municipalities repair and adapt the infrastructure however, in addition to these fees, if design and building practices do not change to adapt to the demands of the new weather patterns, we will never get the infrastructure under control. More and more municipalities, across the globe, have realized this and are now providing incentives and/or grants to those land owners who take the steps to include LID, low impact development, and green infrastructure as a way to reduce run off by managing stormwater on site, where it lands, with technologies such as green roofs, bioswales, rain gardens and of course, permeable paving. Current incentives and grants offered are available in different ways. Often, it is a one-time cash incentive to help support the inclusion of these types of technologies. Replacing a solid surfaced driveway with a permeable alternative, reducing the size of a driveway to include a rain garden and even replacing a commercial roof with a green roof system. Allowing stormwater to be managed “where it lands”, on site, is beneficial in a multitude of ways.

Eliminate Stormwater Run Off with LID Permeable Surfaces

Not only is run off diminished, which in turns reduces the pressure on the aging municipal drainage infrastructure, but the subsequent pollutants entering the neighboring natural water bodies are also greatly reduced. Many permeable surfaces also allow a reduced amount of winter salt to be used which is crucially important as more and more research is being done on the negative effects of salt on the natural water bodies. Permeable surfaces also help to reduce the negative effects of the heat island effect helping to keep surfaces cooler which is imperative as city centers are becoming so densely populated.

LID Permeable Paving is Sustainable Paving at its Best

Many permeable products available take the “green” label on step further and are manufactured in a low carbon footprint, truly sustainable manner. The Ecoraster flexible plastic porous grid system is one such product. Manufactured in a low carbon footprint manner and using 100% post consumer plastics, keeping the waste out of landfills and oceans, Ecoraster is a truly sustainable paving alternative. What could be better than a sustainable paving product which also helps to manage stormwater, efficiently and effectively, where it lands. The growing focus on stormwater management and the increasing support of including permeable paving has helped lower the price of these alternative technologies making it even easier for people to choose sustainable alternatives. Plastic grid paving products are one of the most affordable permeable paving options currently on the market enabling you to stay within budget constraints while including LID and green infrastructure. It is widely accepted that people respond best to positive reinforcement rather than punishment. Those of us who are parents can agree. Let us extrapolate our parenting strategies to stormwater management and promote the inclusion of LID and green infrastructure with positive reinforcement, grants and incentives, rather than with universal “punishment” taxes. We must do what we can to ensure technologies such as permeable paving become mainstream as quickly as possible, we can’t afford not to.

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