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Project Description

Permeable Access Roads & Fire Access Lanes

Ecoraster® provides a heavy duty, high quality permeable paving system for fire access lanes and access roads. Ecoraster® is an affordable alternative to asphalt and traditional paving methods, providing a maintenance-free surface that’s sustainable and made to last, with built-in stormwater management and a roadside drainage system that allows you to manage excess water as it falls. This is arguably the lowest-maintenance access road drainage solution available in Canada today!

Ecoraster® permeable pavers can be installed either for the whole area, or as a set of tire tracks to ensure level, stable, ground reinforcement. Ecoraster® is environmentally-friendly and can be used in sensitive water shed areas reliably and safely. Fire access lanes must be designed to support the heaviest of loads for “just in case” situations. Using Ecoraster® permeable paving grid systems filled with grass allows easy and safe access for fire trucks, while providing a green area that can be used on a daily basis.

Ecoraster® permeable paving stones, blocks, and grid systems are made from 100% LDPE, a specialized plastic that retains its strength as well as flexibility even in extreme climates, making it a perfect solution for access roads and fire access. Ecoraster® Bloxx is also being installed for access purposes, allowing a surface to be both beautiful and able to support heavy vehicles, such as garbage trucks and fire trucks. Permeable access lanes can help reduce the “sealed” area, reducing the need for stormwater management, helping to effectively manage stormwater on-site.