Project Description

Gravel Reinforcement Grids for Accessibility

Gravel is often used for pathways, parking lots, driveways and access areas. It is a low-cost surface that is permeable, allowing rain and stormwater to enter the ground, recharging the aquifers with minimal impact to the environment. Gravel can be problematic at times, and can cause accessibility issues for strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, and those with mobility issues due to the fact that gravel, by nature, moves around a lot.

Ecoraster®’s gravel reinforcement grid systems provides an immediate, long-lasting solution for loose gravel areas by stabilizing the gravel fill, eliminating all migration and compaction of the gravel fill. This eco-friendly ground stabilization is ideal for better road accessibility, creating smooth access ways for cars,  pedestrians with mobility issues,  and those requiring walking aids like wheelchairs or crutches.

Ecoraster® gravel stabilizer grid systems can be used to rehabilitate an existing gravel area by pushing aside the gravel, installing the Ecoraster® gravel grid and using the existing gravel to fill your permeable pavers. Ecoraster® also immediately eliminates the “dust problem” that is common to loose gravel areas. There will be no potholes or uneven areas with gravel filled Ecoraster®, ensuring sturdy, worry-free ground reinforcement. The surface will remain level, stable, and safe for all even during severe rain and storms. Ecoraster® allows gravel surfaces to be snow plowed and delineated using permanent parking markers. The possibilities of using Ecoraster®’s gravel reinforcement grid systems for gravel containment and better accessibility are endless, including nature pathways, access areas, parking lots and much, much more.