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Project Description

Sustainable Ground Reinforcement Solutions for Agriculture

Ecoraster®’s sustainable ground reinforcement solutions have been used worldwide for agriculture applications for cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep for almost three decades. Ecoraster’s line of sustainable paving products are utilized in a number of ways to provide better on-site stormwater management, and a green alternative to asphalt and other traditional paving materials. They’re used from everything including livestock bedding material, cow bedding, mod control mats, or muddy paddock solutions to firm up muddy ground.

Ecoraster® eco-friendly products, such as E40 and Bloxx, immediately eliminates mud from high traffic areas such as feeders, gates, and paddocks, while keeping the surface level mud-free, safe, and easy to clean. Ecoraster® comes in both gravel or grass grid pavers, and is well suited for barn floor insulation and beneath sand bedding for dairy cows as a way to save money, reduce bedding depth, and keep livestock happy and healthy.

The Ecoraster® permeable paving system is easy to install and can be used for small troublesome areas throughout your farms and barns!