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Project Description

Permeable Hot Tub Pads

Ecoraster®’s permeable hot tub pads are an affordable, easy-to-install alternative for concrete pads that are commonly used as a hot tub base or shed floor. Ecoraster®’s eco-friendly hot tub base pavers are easy to transport into tight spaces such as backyards with minimal access, unlike heavier concrete hot tub pad alternatives.

Ecoraster® gravel hot tub pads can be installed even when the ground is still frozen, and provides superior strength that will not crack or shift when the ground cycles through a freeze-thaw. Ecoraster® gravel grids and pavers can be installed by a DIYER easily and successfully. Ecoraster® Bloxx, either filled with concrete pavers or rubber permeable pavers, can also be used in lieu of concrete for home and garden applications in addition to patios and pathways.