Interlocking Base Stabilizer2019-03-01T16:09:48+00:00

Project Description

  • Ecoraster GTA
  • Alternative porous paving GTA

Ecoraster® is being installed as a base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking paving stones and even solid surfaces. Ecoraster®, with its patented locking system acts as a strengthening floating floor, think concrete, but in a permeable, affordable and easy to transport and install manner. Using Ecoraster® to stabilize the base disperses the point loading of the system and allows the base depth to be reduced by half. The savings for the installer are in the reduced disposal fees and reduced aggregate fill volume due to the reduction in base depth as well as the shorter and easier installation saving labor hours and equipment rental costs. Once Ecoraster® is incorporated into the base build up the commonly known risk of future movement, shifting , lifting and heaving, of the paving stones is eliminated. Ecoraster® will ensure a long lasting superior finished project with no risk of future failure. The cost savings associated with using the Ecoraster® far outweigh the cost of the grid system.