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Project Description

  • LID Paving Ontario

Ecoraster® is a superior quality permeable paving system that has been used successfully for almost a quarter of a century worldwide. Ecoraster® is both 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable or reusable; a truly sustainable product. Ecoraster® can be used for heavy duty parking needs and can be filled with either gravel or grass. The Ecoraster® Bloxx system, which can be used in conjunction with the original Ecoraster® system provides the popular look of interlocking pavers without the risk of future movement of the pavers. Ecoraster® is virtually maintenance free and allows storm water to be managed on site without the need for drainage infrastructure, storm water ponds or bioswales. The savings associated with the Ecoraster® system are staggering and can be felt both immediately and long term. Ecoraster® is a Declare Label product and Red List Free which can be included towards LEED credits. Ecoraster® is an LID paving alternative you can be proud to use and allows you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability from the first step out of the car.