LID Permeable Paving

George Brown College

Ecoraster® E40 with plug in parking markers was used for three parking lots to allow for the management of storm water on site (110,000 square feet of parking lot pavement).

The three parking lots just south of George Brown College-Casa Loma Campus are managed by Unit Park. Unit Park found Ecoraster® when they were looking for a permeable paving solution that would allow for heavy duty, high volume parking while effectively and efficiently controlling storm water run-off. Ecoraster® was an affordable solution that immediately eliminated their two biggest problems; dust and surface drainage issues. This project had the support of Unit Park, George Brown College, the City of Toronto, CP Rail and Toronto Hydro.
Toronto Hydro.


“Having been challenged to find a surface solution that met and exceeded standards set by three levels of government, Ellise provided me with the optimal customer service that assisted me in seeing the project through to fruition. Throughout this complex, public facing project, Ellise was instrumental in managing all stakeholder relations. Her demonstrated experience at managing this end to end project was invaluable as was her unwavering commitment to excellence. The successful engineering and installation of Ecoraster across 110,000 square feet has been continuously monitored and reported on by Ellise. Thank you Ellise and thank you to the LID Permeable Paving Canada and Ecoraster Team!”

Ted Kapoutsis, CEO – Unit Park Management Inc.

Please see before and after picture below: