LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

The Ecoraster Paving System | Truly Sustainable Paving

The Ecoraster Paving System | Truly Sustainable Paving

Building designs these days are multi-facetted, focusing on factors which include eco-friendly approaches to energy, waste and water. Choosing the appropriate building materials for your project, whether residential, commercial or industrial, involves careful calculations weighing both performance and cost.

The concept of sustainability which includes, amongst other things, the life cycle component of products and processes, is now an important aspect of the decision-making process as well. Sensitivity of budget balancing is exponentially more important when discussing large scale commercial and industrial projects, as one can imagine.

Sustainable Paving May Entitle You to Government Grants and Tax Incentives

Achieving LEED status, Living Building Challenge designation or one of the other many “green” building standards not only enhances the reputation of company and client but also may leverage grants and tax incentives which are widely available throughout the continent towards the inclusion of LID (low impact development), green infrastructure and other green and environmentally friendly building practices.

Eco-friendly systems and solutions such as green roofs have become widely accepted and mainstream in many large city centers, such as Toronto. Green roofs are multi-functional and help to manage stormwater, reduce the heat island effect and add to the available green space.

LED lighting, energy efficient HVAC systems and reflective glass are also widely accepted and newer systems such as green walls and grey water harvesting are also gaining in popularity. The concept of eco-friendly as applied to building materials also includes the aspect of carbon footprint and how much energy is associated with the production process. This recent article, helps to clarify and quantify the process of deeming something eco-friendly, not an easy feat. The inclusion of using green building materials is now expanding beyond the building envelope.

Ecoraster | Sustainable Paving that Manages Stormwater Runoff & Reduces the Heat Island Effect

Sustainable paving alternatives are being considered as both a way to help manage stormwater on site while helping, as green roofs do, to reduce the heat island effect. Changing weather patterns, due largely to the effects of climate change, are leading to rain events which are increasing in both frequency and severity. Flooding, which is both costly and damaging is one of the main results of the increasing volume of rain as well as the increasing pollutants entering the nearby natural water bodies damaging the aquatic ecosystems. Permeable paving systems help to reduce the negative effects of flooding by storing rainwater beneath the surface using the land in a cost efficient and effective manner.

As with all product categories, not all permeable pavement systems are the same. It is counter intuitive to use a “green” building material which is manufacturing using a large carbon footprint.

The Ecoraster permeable paving system ticks all the boxes used to deem a product “eco-friendly”. It is manufactured using 100% recycled material. The grid system is 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.The manufacturing process is done in a low energy, low carbon footprint manner. It is truly a sustainable product. The installation of Ecoraster is also a green process and will not produce off gases, or exhaust from installation machines and technologies. Ecoraster is light weight and easy to transport making it a perfect material for remote and hard to access locations.

Ecoraster has a long life cycle; it will outlast traditional paving surfaces and will require minimal maintenance, even over an extended period of time. The Ecoraster permeable surface is guaranteed for 20 years and will not degrade over time.

Ecoraster | Truly Sustainable Paving Manufactured in Ontario

Local manufacturing in Ontario ensures that the transporting distance is reduced further solidifying Ecoraster as an eco-friendly product. The increasing focus of companies on demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and green building practices have more people looking for ways to stand out amongst their peers. Imagine if your clients noticed, from the first step out of their vehicle onto the parking surface, that your company was different. Using Ecoraster for your parking surface, and/or for your pedestrian pathways and sidewalks will help demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your clients from the first step.

Permeable paving is slowly becoming as important as green roofs as a way to manage stormwater, reduce flooding and help reduce the effects of the heat-island. Ecoraster is a product you can use that will help you achieve your goals in an affordable and fully sustainable manner. Ecoraster is a product you can use with pride and confidence.

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