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The Upcoming Election, Climate Change and Permeable Paving

The Upcoming Election, Climate Change and Permeable Paving

Unless you have been totally disconnected or under a rock for the last few months, you are well aware that there is an impending federal election in Canada which is focusing on many impactful issues, one of which is climate change.

The topic of climate change and the ways in which the country approaches not only the management of issues arising from the widespread changes in climate but also focuses efforts on reducing the causes and triggers of climate change is a world-wide issue that can not be overlooked any longer.

Global efforts to reduce the underlying causes of climate change from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to minimizing pollution entering the natural water bodies have been ramping up especially with the traction gained from widespread social media influence and through concentrated efforts of our younger generations.

Many of the electoral debates have centered on climate change and the different political parties are all taking steps to publicly defend their mandates and plans moving forward.

Support from our Government Leaders at all Levels is Crucial

As always, we look to the leaders for guidance. There are many different things that can be done and that can be mandated from “the top” to minimize the effects of climate change.

It has been well over a decade since green roofs were mandated throughout Toronto and other large cosmopolitan cities. The incorporation of green roof technology helps to manage stormwater in an LID manner, reduces the temperature of city centers and helps to clean the air from pollutants while enhancing the green scape of the metropolitan areas. Governmental financial support and encouragement helped to ensure that green roofs became the norm and widely accepted and expected.

It is important for the municipal decisions makers to note that incorporating permeable paving on a wide spread scape would have the same if not a greater impact than green roofs.

The Many Benefits of Permeable Paving

Permeable paving has many benefits including effective and land efficient stormwater management, reducing the heat island effect and naturally recharging the natural aquifers. Porous paving surfaces help to reduce the polluted run off from entering the nearby natural water bodies, greatly impacting the ecosystems.

The porous nature of the surfaces also helps to minimize the winter salt required due to the reduction of the melt-freeze cycle commonly found on solid surfaces. It is rare for ice to form on permeable surfaces.

Many permeable paving products are fully sustainable, reducing waste and products such as the Ecoraster flexible paving grids, are manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastics, keeping the waste out of the landfills and from polluting the waters.

Porous paving systems can be used in many different types of applications from residential to commercial and industrial.Federal support towards the inclusion of permeable paving will benefit not only the clients and the nearby residents, it will also benefit generations to come in so many different ways.

Having government support, on all levels, is imperative to ensure that these types of sustainable building practices gain support and popularity.Teaching by example, and providing guidance and support to those incorporating these types of LID products, is imperative for wide spread acceptance.

It is our hope that this election will further solidify support, financial and otherwise, from all levels of government for the inclusion of permeable paving surfaces.

When you vote, make sure that the candidate’s vision is aligned with your green and sustainable values.

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