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Eco-Friendly Paver Base Panels

Ecoraster X30 eco-friendly and sustainable paver base panels are used by both DIYers and landscapers across Canada as a base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking pavers, perfect for creating a permeable driveway for better drainage, on-site stormwater management, and less maintenance.

The Ecoraster X30 system provides a concrete-like base upon which unit interlocking pavers can be installed to greatly reduce the risk of future shifting, lifting and heaving of the pavers. The X30 paver base also allows installers to reduce the base depth by up to half, saving money in disposal fees, base gravel, and labour time.

Eco-friendly patio pavers allows the DIYer to install a premium finished product that will not be affected by the well known freeze-thaw cycle that is common throughout Toronto and Ontario, which damages asphalt and its non-green alternatives. An Ecoraster paver base panel used within the base design greatly reduces the risk of developing tripping hazards that occur when your eco-friendly patio stones move over time.

The Ecoraster X30 paver base panel system is being used by more and more Toronto, Ontario homeowners for permeable driveways and driveway extensions, pathways, and patios.

Whether you’re looking to install an Ecoraster paver base panel yourself, or need our expert permeable pavers in Toronto, Ontario to give you a hand, we’re committed to providing you greener, more sustainable permeable paving and ground reinforcement solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more about Ecoraster and our line of alternative paving materials!