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Underneath Unit Paving Stones 

Ecoraster X30 is being used by both DIYers and landscapers as a base stabilizer beneath unit interlocking pavers.

The Ecoraster X30 system provides a concrete-like base upon which unit interlocking pavers can be installed to greatly reduce the risk of future shifting, lifting and heaving of the pavers. The X30 also allows installers to reduce the base depth by up to half, saving money in disposal fees, base gravel and labour time.

The X30 system allows the DIYer to install a premium finished product that will not be affected by the well known freeze-thaw cycle that is common throughout Ontario.

Ecoraster used within the base design greatly reduces the risk of developing tripping hazards that occur when the paving stones move over time.

The Ecoraster X30 is used by homeowners for driveways and driveway extensions, for pathways and for patios.