LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Why Choose LID Permeable Paving Over Traditional Asphalt Paving

The most common paving surface found in Toronto and the GTA is asphalt. A freshly paved parking lot can look beautiful; dark black surface, clean yellow or white parking lines, with a level and flat surface. In our Canadian climate, it doesn’t take long for the asphalt parking surface to begin to show signs of wear and tear. It is often after only one winter season that the asphalt surface begins to show signs of the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle; potholes, cracking and surface anomalies. Asphalt parking surfaces require regular maintenance to keep them looking nice and to keep the surface level, stable and hazard free. Repainting of lines, repairing of cracks and potholes and resurfacing and/or resealing the surface are all part of the regular maintenance schedule for traditional surface parking lots in Toronto and the GTA. The impending storm water taxes and increasing focus on Green Infrastructure, as well as the drive to cut costs with more sustainable practices, have more and more people looking for alternative paving options.

Alternative Paving

Alternative paving is a broad topic that can include any type of ground reinforcement that is not asphalt or concrete. Permeable paving is an alternative paving or LID paving option that focuses on helping with the control of storm water with the goal of allowing rain fall to be managed where it lands. Incorporating permeable paving technologies can help reduce the impact of storm water taxes while allowing for an efficient and cost effective use of land. There are many different types of permeable paving; from interlocking pavers to porous concrete and from previous asphalt to geo-grids like Ecoraster. Permeable paving is becoming more and more popular throughout Toronto and the GTA due to municipal restrictions on the proportion of solid paved areas as well as the increasing focus of land owners, both residential and commercial, to include green and alternative paving products.

Contrary to popular belief, green and environmentally sensitive products do not have to be more costly than traditional options and the Ecoraster system is a perfect example.

Ecoraster is a Low Impact Development (LID) paving alternative that has been used for almost 25 years worldwide as an alternative for asphalt and concrete for all types of paving and ground reinforcement applications. Not only is Ecoraster a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving surfaces, it also addresses the increasing needs for storm water management and true sustainable practices.

The Benefits of the Ecoraster System are Multi-faceted

The Ecoraster surface is not affected by the freeze-thaw cycle and will not crack, shift or develop potholes. There is absolutely no regular maintenance needed; no resealing, no vacuuming and no repainting of lines due to the permanent parking markers with the system. The geo-grid system is 95% open or porous and thus the common melt-freeze cycle which results in the use of road salt or brining, is nearly eliminated. This allows customers to reduce their winter salt usage by greater than 90%. Ecoraster is quick and easy to install and does not necessarily require a specially trained technician. It is lightweight and easy to transport making it the perfect product for remote locations.

Ecoraster is truly a sustainable product and is both manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer plastics and is 100% recyclable or reusable.

Although change is hard, alternative paving products are now readily available throughout Toronto and the GTA. There are affordable options that are not only LID paving technologies but are also easy to install and maintain.

Ecoraster is proven, with over two decades of “in the ground experience”, to be an LID paving solution that can be used for a wide variety of heavy duty needs.