LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Benefits of Permeable Pavers in the Summer

There are many benefits associated with the incorporation of permeable pavers in landscape and construction projects, and other applications year-round. While they may not seem obvious for summertime, there are quite a few.

As enjoyable as summer is, homeowners and commercial property owners face some challenges which permeable surfaces can help mitigate.

Permeable Pavers can Help Reduce the Heat Island Effect

City centres are hotter than rural areas due, largely in part, to the “sealing” of the ground caused by density, buildings and paved areas. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “Heat Island Effect.”

The higher the percentage of “sealed up area,” the warmer the area.

Permeable Pavers, especially products such as Ecoraster (which is greater than 95% open), help to cool the ground and lower the ambient temperature.

The paver grids can also be filled with grass or low growth sedum, further enhancing the area and creating a truly green space.

Unlike conventional asphalt surfaces, Ecoraster eco-friendly parking lots and roads will not sink or melt when the temperatures rise.

Industrial and commercial property owners find this characteristic very helpful in their yards.

One of the commonly found issues with delivery trucks, is the sinking of the hot wheels into the asphalt, further aggregated when the asphalt is hot and malleable. Ecoraster provides an immediate, heavy-duty and long lasting solution ensuring the area remains level, stable and safe for both vehicle and driver.

Permeable pavers installed for driveways, parking lots, pathways, access roads and patios can help manage stormwater

Sudden and heavy rain storms are common during the hot and humid summer months.

Permeable pavers can help manage stormwater on site “where it lands”. Efficient, effective and affordable stormwater management not only helps reduce the volume of polluted water entering the nearby natural water bodies, but also helps mitigate the risk of damaging and costly flooding.

Ecoraster and Ecoraster Bloxx permeable pavers are the perfect products for summer cottage projects.

The grids are lightweight, easy to install and easy to transport, perfect for remote and hard to access locations.

Ecoraster has been installed on islands for access roads, boat launches, sidewalks, for erosion control and ground reinforcement and even under a pickleball court surface for added stabilization, allowing for minimal base excavation.

Cottages are using permeable paving grids in lieu of concrete for hot tub pads, shed pads, patios and boat launches.

Ecoraster’s paving grid is used to stabilize loose gravel areas, ensuring the surface remains level, safe and universally accessible.

Ecoraster is often found in campsites and RV parks for access and stabilization around heavy traffic areas helping with mud control and ground reinforcement.

Easy to install and providing immediate results, Ecoraster and Ecoraster Bloxx are permeable pavers you can depend on to provide solutions for your most troublesome areas.