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COVID-19 and the Landscape Industry in Ontario

Kudos to all!

Together, we are weathering one of the most challenging times of our generation.

We are finding strength in our communities, from our families and from balancing our daily lives. We are engaging in activities that we have never experienced, such as homeschooling, Zoom meetings and lining up for groceries that are often sold out.

For Many, COVID-19 Has Turned the World Upside-Down

Millions of people are out of work, most non-essential businesses have been paused.

For those in seasonal industries, such as landscaping and gardening, this “pause” has been that much more devastating.

Just recently, many provinces have started to allow outdoor laborers such as landscapers, contractors and gardeners to ease back into work under strict “health and safety” guidelines.

Health comes first, but the understanding that the “season”, especially in cold-weather climates, is very limited, has motivated these changes.

For those that spend most of their days outdoors, social distancing can often be achieved with minimal adaptations.

COVID-19 Support for Landscapers in Ontario


The landscaping sector in Ontario has a strong and unifying overseeing body, Landscape Ontario, which has been providing daily updates and ongoing support and guidance with regards to new policies and working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For several months, we at LID Paving were speaking to landscapers and contractors from our home offices, answering questions about permeable paving, and helping to ensure that when the landscaping sector in Ontario reopened for business, everyone was ready to “get in the ground.”

Earlier this spring, many of the calls we had were from clients who said “I’d love to install permeable paving, but I can’t right now”.

We are cautiously optimistic that the time to start new landscape projects and paving installations is approaching quickly.

How LID Permeable Paving is Responding to COVID-19

Rest assured that we have done everything to get ready for you to start your projects;

  • We have stock of our most popular permeable products located in key locations for ease of pick up and delivery.
  • We are working extended hours to ensure we are available to answer your project and installation questions.
  • And we are available to come onsite to provide hands on, although at a safe “social distance” installation guidance and support.

There is no need to worry about the unpredictable spring weather further delaying projects, as the Ecoraster permeable pavers can be installed in all kinds of weather, including rain.

Together, we have gotten to this point and together, we will do our best to ensure the 2020 landscaping season is successful and rewarding for both the contractor and the client.