LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

5 Reasons Permeable Paving is a Wise Investment

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us rethinking our budgets. After all, these are challenging and unprecedented times.

Whether we are working from home, or not working at all, we are all unsure when we will be going back and realistically, how long it will take us to build back to the “normal” that we left.

Budgeting has taken on a new meaning. Although many institutions and organizations have done their part to help with lowering car insurance payments and deferring lease payments, we are struggling to stay on top of payments and cash flow.

It has been a thought-provoking experience, to say the least.

How do we justify spending?

When is it a necessity and when is it a splurge?

When people are introduced to new technologies, their first comment is often, “But, it is so expensive!”. At LID Paving, we have frequently come across this firsthand.

People are used to new things being more expensive, especially when they are eco-friendly.

We are used to conventional pavement and ground reinforcement surfaces, as opposed to alternative paving materials and permeable pavers.

We know what they cost and what is involved with maintenance and repair. There are no surprises.

When introduced to LID (low impact development), Green Infrastructure and permeable pavers, the initial reaction is “not interested”, “too expensive” and “we don’t have the budget”. Surprisingly to most, LID, Green infrastructure and especially permeable pavers are not more expensive than conventional products and methods when looking at the big picture.

Including factors such as maintenance, repair and product lifespan into the cost analysis, brings new technologies out ahead.

Comparing the Cost of Permeable Paving vs. Asphalt and Other Conventional Surfaces


For larger commercial and industrial paving projects, initially, the cost comparison between asphalt, concrete and Ecoraster, has Ecoraster permeable paving coming out on par with asphalt, if not less expensive.

However, for an accurate comparison, additional factors must be included, which demonstrate that Ecoraster is much more beneficial to the bottom line.

How is Ecoraster More Cost-Effective?

  1. When Ecoraster is used in lieu of solid surfaces, conventional drainage can be greatly reduced and even eliminated if the paver base is designed as such.
  2. If water storage is not the main concern, then the grid pavers can be used to reduce the paver base depth normally required, saving money on excavation and disposal costs, which are steadily increasing.
  3. Ecoraster surfaces require minimal maintenance and repairs, unlike asphalt and concrete, there will be no cracking or potholes.
  4. The cost savings related to the reduction in winter salt is an added bonus not to be forgotten. The permeable nature of the Ecoraster surfaces allows clients to greatly reduce if not eliminate the use of winter road salt. One client reported saving close to $200,000 by not salting this past winter for their 100,000 sq ft parking lot.
  5. The grids can be installed in phases, as budget permits, allowing you to do it “right” the first time, and adding to it as you are able to financially.

During these uneasy times of the pandemic, perhaps we have to reframe.

LID products such as Ecoraster permeable pavers should not be considered an unnecessary “splurge”, but rather,a smart investment.

Let’s hope we get through these challenging times quickly and with strength and clarity.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.