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Muddy Paddock Solutions for Horse Owners and Equine Facilities

Most of us would agree that our love affair with mud ended when we were 5 or 6. Mud pies were not as appealing and getting covered in mud, and the resulting time in the tub, just wasn’t worth it.

If your life revolves around animals and farms, mud is a constant. Mud is a challenge. Every equine facility owner we know is looking for effective muddy paddock solutions.

Let’s go back to basics, mud forms when water and dirt mix. In heavy traffic areas such as paddock flooring, the ground gets compacted and the water flowing into the area has nowhere to go. Water and dirt get trapped together and when walked on, get mixed up forming mud.

It would take most of us one second to name areas of the farm that could use mud control; gates, paddocks, water/feeding areas, riding arenas, walkers, pathways, access lanes…we could go on and on..

For three decades, Ecoraster permeable paver grids have been used as a muddy paddock solution, providing instant relief for horse owners and equine facilities.

Permeable Pavers are Excellent for Horse Paddock Drainage

Ecoraster provides an immediate and long lasting solution for horse paddock drainage when installed on a free draining base. The Ecoraster paving system is flexible, helping to protect the horses’ joints. It acts as an insulated buffer between the hooves and the ground. Ecoraster can be incorporated into specific horse paddock footing materials and can be installed in small areas as need and budget dictate.

The technique involved in using Ecoraster as a dry paddock system can be extended for gates, walkers, and feeders/watering areas.

An Easy-to-Install Muddy Paddock Solution

The installation is quite straightforward. Remove as much mud as possible, use a clear, free draining angular stone as the base, and surface the base material with Ecoraster (the model of grid will depend on the specific application). The Ecoraster cells are then filled with your preferred gravel for horse paddock, sand or horse footing material. Many of our clients choose to install the permeable paving grid themselves, while others have the base prepared and call on us to help with the grid installation component.

The use of Ecoraster can be extended into other muddy areas around your barn, stable and farm. Everything from gates to walkers, from outdoor riding arenas to storage areas can benefit from Ecoraster permeable paving.

What Horse Owners and Equine Facilities are Saying About Ecoraster

Clients that have used Ecoraster in and around their barns and farms in Ontario report that their animals are cleaner and healthier. It is easier and faster to keep the area clean and there is less waste of straw. The ground remains level, stable and more safe. They are no longer worried about losing their boots in that “boot sucking” mud we know all too well.

We all know that mud is inevitable, especially in the Spring… What are you waiting for?