LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Protect Your Property in the Spring with Permeable Paver Grids

Spring is in the air!

The birds are chirping and the crocuses are poking up…

But, the arrival of spring  brings with it a certain “uncertainty”.

Spring is unpredictable; it can be sunny and pleasant one day and gloomy and rainy the next.

Spring soil is usually oversaturated and managing spring precipitation can be challenging at best!

Spring soil conditions are often muddy, unstable and unsafe especially when heavy duty access is required – think access roads, construction sites etc…

For over 30 years, industrial strength permeable grid pavers such as Ecoraster have been used to reinforce the ground, ensuring the area remains level, stable, safe and universally AODA/ADA compliant.

The world-renowned permeable paving system is easily installed, even during inclement weather, even though it may not be an overly pleasant experience for the contractor. Once the  paving surface is in place, which can be installed at a rate of approx. 1000 sq ft/person/hour, the results are immediate and long lasting. The paver grids provide a high quality surface that can confidently be used for heavy loads.

The Ecoraster grids, unlike similar products currently on the market, are German engineered and designed to perform under extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and can be easily cleared of snow, imperative for when we get hit with a spring storm.

Ecoraster and the other products offered by LID Paving have all been third party tested and can be used reliably in eco-sensitive areas, providing commercial and industrial strength ground reinforcement with “sensitivity”.

Depending on the project and the land use requirements, the grids can either be left in place long term or can be removed and either reused or recycled.

The grid pavers are fully sustainable and can be used towards LEED points and green building designation.

Ecoraster grids have been installed in cold weather climates for a wide range of applications for everything from parking lots and access roads to hot tub pads and driveways, and from sidewalks and pathways to outdoor warehouse areas.

The permeable grid pavers are also widely used and greatly appreciated in the spring by those in the equine and agricultural world. Installing the grid in “heavy traffic areas” such as paddocks, gates, and feeders, provides immediate relief from the mud, keeps the animals clean, dry and healthy, and speeds up facility maintenance.

What we like to call our “dry paddock system” is used and appreciated by horse owners and farmers worldwide.

Installed once and enjoyed for decades, LID Permeable Paving products can make the most unpredictable spring weather easy to manage!