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Changing Weather Patterns and Our Ecosystem

Changing weather patterns are affecting winter as we know it. Gone are the days of snow starting late in October and lasting until March. Gone are the huge snow piles from our childhood and consistently freezing temperatures. Climate change is real, and it is being felt by most as changing weather patterns which are greatly affecting the seasons, including our Canadian winters.

The seasons are changing; they are shifting. Summer is extending well into the fall. Winter is starting later and later and lasting well into what used to be considered the start of spring. Temperatures within the seasons are fluctuating more than they used to and rain events are becoming stronger and much more unpredictable.

These shifts in seasonal temperatures have deeply impacting effects not only to the local vegetation and ecosystems but also to the local infrastructure and building areas.

Areas throughout the world, including North America, are seeing precipitation patterns that are changing drastically. Areas are suffering from droughts, leading to uncontrollable wild fires and horrible destruction. Other areas are suffering from more frequent, heavy rain events that are leading to destructive and damaging flooding. Ecosystems and natural aquifers are finding it difficult and challenging to withstand the changes in the weather.

Man-made infrastructure within the cities cannot support such changes and thus costly damage is occurring not only to neighbouring property but also to the environmentally sensitive ecosystems and natural water bodies. Fluctuating temperatures, especially during the winter months, are leading to frequent melt-freeze cycles that have tremendous effects on the solid surfaces commonly used for parking, driving, access and pedestrian walkways.

The variations in temperature are difficult for solid surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The repetitive freeze-thaw cycle leads to heaving, cracking and potholes. Salt and/or brining is needed to ensure the surface remains non-slippery and safe.The increasing amount of salt entering the natural bodies has long lasting effects for both aquatic life and vegetation.Areas that are unsurfaced such as loose gravel areas and grass or “dirt” areas are also affected by temperature and precipitation variations leading to uneven surfaces and muddy areas. There is a heavy-duty paving surface that can provide a proven long-lasting alternative for such areas, the German engineered Ecoraster system.

Ecoraster – Porous Paving that Withstands Cold and Snow | LID Paving Canada

Ecoraster was designed and engineered to perform under extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, supporting the heaviest of loads in a dynamic manner.

Ecoraster has been “in the ground” worldwide, including cold weather climates, for nearly three decades.

Ecoraster is not negatively affected by freeze-melt cycles and heaving ground. It will not become damaged or uneven even after periods of fluctuating temperatures. The permeable nature of the Ecoraster system also allows for a reduction in winter salt usage which not only saves money but also reduces the negative impact on the neighbouring ecosystems and vegetation.

Ecoraster can be cleared of snow with either a snow plow or a snow blower and requires minimal maintenance.

Ecoraster is greater than 95% “open” or porous and can support the changing weather patterns and increasing rain volumes that are becoming more frequent.

Using Ecoraster in conjunction with a porous base beneath will help manage storm water on site in an effective and efficient manner, greatly reducing run off and minimizing the damaging effects of the increasing rain volumes.

Ecoraster can also be used to reinforce unsurfaced areas, keeping the ground level, stable and safe and eliminating mud from heavy traffic areas.

Weather patterns are changing, and it is imperative that our practices change to support the needs of the “new normal”. Ecoraster offers a truly sustainable, cost-effective solution for current project needs with long lasting benefits.

Ecoraster and other similar permeable geo grid/geo cell products have been used successfully in Europe for almost three decades. Now is definitely an opportune time for North America to include such products into future designs and building projects.

Weather patterns are changing, now is the time to change our ways to help support the environment around us and ensure that we leave the Earth healthy and strong for the generations to come.

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