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Potholes Plaguing Ontario Roads

This year, 2018, it has been said that the pavement is plagued by potholes. The fluctuating temperatures and unstable weather systems have forced the City of Toronto maintenance department to repair 8000 potholes as of January 15,2018. Potholes develop on solid surfaces found on roads, paths and parking lots. The repetitive freeze thaw of the ground combined with the heavy use of salt leads to cracking and potholes in the pavement. Paving alternatives that are not sensitive to the freeze thaw cycle are now readily available. Solid surfaces that have been retrofitted with the Ecoraster permeable paving system are fully exempt from the “pothole plague”.

The Ecoraster Permeable Paving System Protects Against Potholes

The Ecoraster system was engineered in Germany almost 25 years ago. It was designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations that are readily becoming the norm. The Ecoraster paving system is not negatively affected by the freeze thaw cycle. The specialized locking system between the grids ensures that the individual pieces will not disengage even when under the effects of ground heave. The specialized locking system and the unique plastic formulation used in the manufacturing of Ecoraster also allows the permeable paving surface to be cleared in the winter by either a snow plow or snow blower. Ecoraster can not be used for high speed roads however, it can be used as an alternative for conventional pavement surfaces for pathways, driveways, heavy duty access roads and parking lots. Ecoraster retains both strength and flexibility even under harsh winter conditions. The pervious surface of Ecoraster is extremely beneficial during periods of weather swings and extreme melt-freeze temperature fluctuations. When snow melts on a conventional solid paving surface, the water that is left behind most often refreezes into icy patches before it can evaporate away. Uneven areas, dips and ruts are more prone to icy patches as we are well aware.Common practice is to use copious amounts of salt or to brine in advance of such conditions.

If Ecoraster is installed instead of a solid pavement surface, the porous nature of the product helps to manage surface water drainage issues by allowing the water formed by melting snow to drip into the porous fill and then into the base below.Puddles and pooling are not found on Ecoraster surfaces and hence brining and heavy salting is most often not required. The tremendous reduction in winter salt needed has an immediate impact on the nearby vegetation and ecosystems, not to mention a noticeable cost savings to the budget. Potholes and cracking are not found within Ecoraster surface parking and thus, even heavy duty access roads are kept level, stable and safe for vehicles and operators alike. Using Ecoraster as an alternative pavement surface is gaining momentum especially for commercial and industrial applications. Ecoraster offers a long life cycle which enhances the bottom line when repairs and maintenance are factored into the expense calculations. Many municipalities are also offering grants and stormwater tax incentives to customers for incorporating permeable and sustainable paving alternatives such as Ecoraster.

Change can be difficult however, you can depend on Ecoraster to provide a long lasting, easy to maintain pavement surface for many of your needs.

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