LID Permeable Paving Benefits of Ecoraster

Fusion Landscaping | Green Infrastructure and Responsible Storm Water Management

Times they are a changing… Climate as we once knew it is changing.

Seasons are shifting; Temperatures are fluctuating; Weather patterns are changing; Rain events are increasing in frequency and volume and the increasing of the Earth’s temperature is affecting all the ecosystems; land, sea and air.

Our generation realizes that it is up to us to change our ways and to educate the next generation, so the damaging effects of our previous ways start to reverse. Across Canada, municipalities are supporting the inclusion of green infrastructure and low impact development (LID). Stormwater management is paramount not only to reduce the damaging costly effects of the increased flooding we are seeing but also as a way to reduce the pollutants that are entering our natural water bodies and neighbouring environments. Fusion Landscaping is one of the newest ways to approach this goal.

Fusion Landscaping, as defined by the Horticultural society of Landscape Ontario “combines the art and science of horticulture with the science of hydrology to design, build/install and maintain aesthetically pleasing water efficient landscapes”.

Fusion Landscaping – Aesthetic Beauty with a Powerful Environmental Impact

Fusion Landscaping is really a landscapers’ dream; beautiful designs that have an intrinsic and very important purpose. The purpose of these specially designed areas is not necessarily apparent to most, but such areas can have a huge and widespread impact. Fusion Landscaping puts aesthetic beauty into practical and powerful use.

Fusion Landscaping is efficient and effective storm water management disguised as gardens and water features; the perfect blend of both. The importance of embracing such types of landscaping is apparent in the support of colleges and municipalities in promoting the growth of the Fusion Landscaping industry. Training courses, certification courses and even financial incentives are now available for those looking to include Fusion Landscaping either as an installer or as a client.

The Ecoraster System Integrates Perfectly with Fusion Landscaping

Ecoraster is a product that can be used for a wide range of applications within Fusion Landscaping, keeping the budget down while ensuring the storm water is managed on site in an effective and efficient manner.

Both the E series, which can be filled with grass or gravel and the Ecoraster Bloxx system, can be used within the designs for Fusion Landscapes. Residential projects can benefit by using Ecoraster for driveways and driveway extensions, pathways, patios and even for areas such as dog runs. Fully sustainable and easy to install, Ecoraster requires minimal maintenance to ensure the permeable surface remains free draining. Cold weather friendly and frost proof, the Ecoraster systems can be used with confidence throughout Canada.

Ecoraster can also be used for commercial projects. The strength and durability of the product, proven with almost 25 years of in-the-ground experience, provides the confidence needed to include Ecoraster into designs as fire access lanes, sidewalks/pathways and parking lots.

Including Ecoraster into designs which also incorporate rain gardens, bioswales and other green infrastructure ensures that the largest volume of storm water possible will remain on site, greatly reducing the run off entering the nearby sewer infrastructure and natural ecosystems and waters. Guaranteed for 20 years, Ecoraster is a product that can be installed without the worry of long term, costly and difficult maintenance. Ecoraster can be installed to help with erosion control, ground stabilization and reinforcement and to provide full accessibility to areas which may have previously been hard to navigate by those with mobility challenges.

Ecoraster has been installed in Fusion Landscaping projects as pathways and driveways with many more installation slated for the Spring including grass parking areas, tree root protection grates and of course, driveways and pathways.

Manufactured in Ontario using 100% recycled plastic, specifically chosen to support the needs of cold weather climates, Ecoraster is a product you can be proud to include into your Fusion Landscaping designs and projects.

About LID Permeable Paving Canada

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the exclusive distributor of Ecoraster in Ontario, Canada. For further information on how Ecoraster can be used for Fusion Landscaping, call us or fill out our contact form to learn more. We would be pleased to schedule a time for an informational presentation or arrange to have you visit our different installation sites.