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Get a Jump Start on Construction this Spring with the Ecoraster Grid System

We are in the clasps of a long and prolonged winter, unlike what we have become accustomed to these last few years. If you are looking for a way to get a jump start on the Spring construction season, Ecoraster may just offer you the solution.

Ecoraster has many unique characteristics which makes the installation of the grid system possible even when ground conditions may not be perfect. The installation of Ecoraster does not have to wait until the ground is fully defrosted.

The Ecoraster System can be installed on Semi-frozen Ground

Ecoraster can be installed on semi-frozen ground without compromising either the strength or integrity of the product or the long-term finished surface. The specialized locking system between the grids ensures the surface will remain level and stable. The pieces will not disengage once locked together. Ecoraster can be installed during wet weather conditions, it may not be especially comfortable for the installers but the integrity of the surface, both present and future, will not be compromised. Ecoraster is also frost proof and will not be adversely affected by the temperature fluctuations which can be common during the early Spring.

Ecoraster can be used unfilled, even to support the heaviest of loads. So, if the end result of the project is for grass or gravel filled grid, the Ecoraster system can provide full access even if unfilled. This is helpful in cases where the fluctuations in Spring weather interfere with the originally desired timeline.

Ecoraster | Perfect Solution for Mud Control

What would Spring be without mud? One of the widely used applications of Ecoraster is for mud control. Ecoraster can be used for temporary mud control in lieu of plywood or access mats for construction, landscaping and vehicular access purposes. It is light weight, easy to transport, easy to clean and will last for an extended period of time. Ecoraster can be left in place and not damage the grass surface beneath because it is not a solid surface. Ecoraster can be used as tree root protection, allowing for heavy vehicle access even over areas sensitive due to underlying tree roots. Ecoraster is often kept on maintenance trucks specifically for this purpose, as well as for an added bonus which is to provide traction in case truck wheels get stuck in the mud while on site.

Further, one can only imagine the benefits Ecoraster brings to equine and agricultural facilities especially in the muddy Spring months. Ecoraster can be installed in “heavy traffic areas” such as gates, paddocks, feeders/watering areas. Easy to install while offering immediate, long-lasting results, Ecoraster is known world-wide as the perfect solution to eliminate mud and hence keep the animals healthy while reducing cleanup time. Ecoraster is used by premium facilities for riding arenas ensuring the surface is comfortable for both horse and rider and free draining even during the wet Spring season allowing the outdoor surface to be used earlier in the season, as well as extending the use far into the equally wet late Fall.

Use Ecoraster for Pathways and Access Roads

Pathways and access roads are perfect early Spring projects for Ecoraster. Installing Ecoraster early in the season will ensure your access areas remain level, stable and safe for all including heavy vehicles. Contact us now to learn more about how Ecoraster can benefit you and your team and help you start your installation/construction season earlier than the rest.

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