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Toronto Star Article Highlights Low Impact Development & Fusion Landscaping

On March 5th of this year, the Toronto Star published a front page article titled “Water is the New Fire“. The article and its featured headline clearly validate the growing interest and tremendous importance in changing our ways to include Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development and Fusion Landscaping.

For almost three decades, the European way, supported by municipal policies, has been to minimize solid surfaces by incorporating green roofs, permeable paving and other similar techniques. It is widely accepted that using such techniques to manage storm water helps to control the increasing volume of rain that is becoming more and more common due to climate change and changing weather patterns.

Green Infrastructure & LID Paving | North America is Embracing the European Way

North America is embracing the European way, and based on the article, not a moment too soon.

Storm water management, the practice of reducing run off by holding rain water on site where it lands, is a priority continent-wide with Canada taking the lead.

Green roofs have been broadly used for well over a decade and their benefit is widely accepted.

Permeable paving is included into designs as well. Porous interlocking paving stones, reinforced grass paving and even porous models of conventional paving surfaces such as concrete and asphalt are becoming more commonly found in both residential and commercial applications.

One of the most recent permeable paving technologies to be adopted in North America is the geogrid.

The geogrid product has open cells which are commonly filled with grass or gravel, reinforcing the surface while allowing the rain water to enter the ground beneath.

Ecoraster | Geo-grid and Storm Water Management

We are excited to announce that one of the most popular European geogrid products, Ecoraster, is now manufactured in North America to support this growing market.

Mike Coates, the VP of Sales from Purus NA Ecoraster Inc., says “Ecoraster is a feel-good product. It is made from 100% locally sourced recycled plastics and is 100% reusable or recyclable; truly sustainable. It has been used successfully in cold weather climates throughout Europe for almost 30 years helping customers manage their storm water in an affordable, effective and efficient manner.”

“Ecoraster has been installed for many projects throughout North America with Ontario being one of the leaders in the adoption of the system”, Ellise Gasner, the owner of LID Permeable Paving remarked. “Customers are thrilled with the ease of installation, the performance and the minimal maintenance of Ecoraster”, Gasner continued.

“Water” may be the “New Fire” but it is comforting to known solutions are within our reach.

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