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Alternative, Durable & Sustainable Paving | The Ecoraster Geogrid | Green Paving

Choosing Ecoraster now can impact your budget for years, even decades to come; positively that is!

Ecoraster is a geogrid type product that can be filled with grass or gravel.

Unlike traditional paving surfaces, Ecoraster is a fully sustainable, green paving, if you will, alternative.

Grass paving and gravel paving ground reinforcement products have been used throughout Europe for almost 30 years as a way to address issues resulting from climate change and subsequent changing weather patterns. Permeable paving alternatives help to manage rain water on site, hence, reducing the damaging and costly results of flooding which are becoming more common due to the changing weather patterns. Permeable paving also helps to cool the temperature of the earth reducing the negative effects of the heat island effect.

Perhaps these “green thinking” reasons are not enough of a catalyst to change from traditional practices…

In order to include new technologies initial incentives often have to include cost benefits to the budget and reduced maintenance considerations, both in regards to regular maintenance and longer term asset management.

The Ecoraster System | Green LID Paving with Cost Benefits

The Ecoraster system, when installed as both grass paving and gravel paving addresses these points.

The Ecoraster paving system requires minimal regular maintenance. Unlike some solid surfaces, there is no resealing needed. Ecoraster “pavement” has a specialized locking system and thus there is no disengagement. The plastic used to manufacture Ecoraster is a sophisticated plastic to recycle but ensures the matrix remains flexible and strong even in extreme climates, both hot and cold, while under heavy weight loads.

Ecoraster surfaces will not develop cracks, potholes or uneven ruts and dips. The system is accessorized with permanent parking markers ensuring no repainting of lines, even over extended periods of time. In addition, Ecoraster has a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Ecoraster can be removed and seamlessly replaced, a characteristic which is unique. This makes Ecoraster a great pavement alternative for EV parking/charging spaces and other areas where there is underground infrastructure that has to be accessed occasionally for repair and maintenance.

In densely populated areas, where land is at a premium and expensive, Ecoraster is a perfect solution allowing clients to multi-purpose land for both water storage and surface parking.

Added to that, Ecoraster can be reused or recycled if the land use changes, rather than disposed of which usually incurs a cost to the developer.

Ecoraster & Storm Water Management | Weather Proof | Perfect for Ontario Winters

In many projects, the area beneath the Ecoraster surface is designated as an infiltration zone and all surrounding run off is guided towards the permeable surface and the base beneath for storage.

As grey water and rainwater harvesting are gaining in popularity, Ecoraster can be used in conjunction with these technologies as well.

For those in winter climates, Ecoraster can be cleared of snow by either a snow blower or a snow plow. Clients report that Ecoraster requires only minimal salt as the common freeze-thaw cycle that occurs on solid surfaces does not usually happen with Ecoraster. The reduction in winter salt translates not only to a cost savings for budgetary purposes but also has a tremendous environmental impact, which is especially important in water shed areas where municipalities are looking to reduce salt usage due to the negative impact on the natural water bodies and surrounding ecosystems.

Within Ontario, there are many grants and even tax incentives available to clients looking to include permeable paving such as Ecoraster into their designs, projects and even retrofits.

It is easy to see why more clients, residential, commercial, industrial as well as equestrian, agricultural and even military, are choosing Ecoraster for their ground reinforcement needs.

Ecoraster is a truly sustainable permeable paving alternative which is easy to install, budget friendly and favorable to the long term asset management aspect that so many companies are focused on these days.

Ecoraster is a green paving system you can depend on for superior dynamic ground support.

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