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Town of Vaughan Announces Housing Project with Sustainable Building Practices and Fusion Landscaping recently reported a new housing project in the Town of Vaughan. This project will be a joint endeavor between the federal and provincial governments that will not only provide affordable housing but will do it with a focus on sustainable building practices and fusion landscape design.

The project will be family centered and include amenities supportive and focusing on children, universal accessibility and sustainable practices and alternatives.

They are planning on incorporating green building practices focusing on energy efficiency, active lifestyle and effective water management. Design elements of the project include a roof top garden and permeable paving.

Projects such as this are encouraging on many different levels; not only have multiple levels of government come together to address a serious need, such as affordable housing, they have done it in such a way ensuring the construction is done in a sustainable manner.

This is something to celebrate!

Change is difficult but, in this case, absolutely necessary.

For way too long, we have been hesitating to embrace truly green building practices which have been the norm throughout Europe for three decades.

Energy efficiency, lowering the carbon footprint and effective and efficient management of water, both waste water and storm water, are fully embraced by all aspects of the building community for new builds and retrofits.

Ontario is a Leader in the Promotion of Green Infrastructure

Ontario is a leader not only in the promotion of green infrastructure but also in the manufacturing of green products. Projects such as this housing development, backed by the government while promoting the importance of sustainability is the catalyst that we needed to propel this new way of thinking to the forefront.

It is due to this change in mindset that Purus NA Ecoraster decided to establish their first North American manufacturing facility of the Ecoraster permeable paving system in Ontario.

The availability of high quality recycled plastics helped to solidify the decision to make Ontario the first hub of production, as did the support and acceptance of the marketplace to include low impact development pavement alternatives.

The Ecoraster Permeable Paving System is Perfect for Fusion Landscaping

The movement towards fusion landscaping practices which focus on the attractive yet productive management of storm water on site is helping to promote the popularity of porous pavement systems such as Ecoraster. Ensuring that the LID pavers provide heavy duty, high quality ground support in cold Canada climates was an imperative need for the marketability of the permeable pavers especially within the coldest regions of North America.

Storm water management is a main focus for developers, builders, designers, architects, and landscapers, especially due to the changing and intensifying weather patterns caused in part by the effects of climate change.

Water is being managed on both ends; waste water and storm water. The goal is to manage all aspects of water in the most effective and efficient manner possible in ways that will be fully sustainable requiring minimal maintenance, both long term and short term.

Effective land use, as one can imagine, is a paramount concern especially in and close to large city centers where land is expensive and at a premium. Green roofs and fusion landscape designs help to ensure that water is managed in the most affordable yet aesthetically pleasing manner. Ecoraster, an Ontario-made product*can help achieve storm water management goals in an affordable, proven manner.

The new affordable housing development in Vaughan is a big step forward for Ontario, for Canada and for the future of sustainable building practices.

Keep up the good work and continue to lead by example!

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