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Earth Day Campaign 2018 | #SolutiontoPollution | LID Permeable Paving

Earth Day Campaign 2018 | #SolutiontoPollution | LID Permeable Paving

Earth Day this year is scheduled for Sunday April 22nd. Earth Day was first held on April 22nd, 1970 and was founded originally as an environmental teach-in by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson; Wikipedia.

Since its inception, Earth Day has developed into a worldwide event focusing on key environmental surrounding water, air and energy.

The theme of Earth Day 2018 is how to promote change in the human attitude and behavior towards plastics.

In order to promote, encourage and support the initiatives and efforts of Earth Day 2018, Storm Con, the national stormwater and surface water conference scheduled for August 12-16, 2018 has launched an Earth Day campaign #SolutiontoPollution

Storm Con 2018 | Promote Green Infrastructure | Fusion Landscaping & LID Alternatives

The main goal of Storm Con and of their campaign is to promote green infrastructure, fusion landscaping and other LID alternatives that will help to reduce water pollution across the continent.

There is an increasing focus and adoption of fusion landscaping a technique which focuses primarily on including storm water management tools within aesthetically pleasing landscape designs including LID (low impact development) alternatives such as green roofs, bioswales, rain gardens and permeable paving.

The ever increasing attention to both storm water management and green infrastructure has people looking to permeable pavement products such as Ecoraster as a way to achieve their goals in an eco friendly, yet affordable and efficient manner.

How appropriate that Ecoraster will not only meet the goals of efficient storm water management in an LID manner, it is also the perfect example of #SolutiontoPollution.

The Ecoraster Paving System | Storm Water Management at its Best

Ecoraster is a fully sustainable “complete cycle” product.

Each Ecoraster permeable paver is comprised of approximately 100 post consumer plastic shopping bags. Each piece of Ecoraster made is 100 plastic bags that have not polluted our magnificent and majestic natural water bodies.

Further to that, installing the Ecoraster porous paving system either as a grass paving surface or a gravel paving surface allows copious amounts of storm water to re enter the ground recharging the natural aquifers and reducing the volume of polluted run off that enters the storm sewers.

Incorporating Ecoraster into fusion landscape designs alone or in combination with other design features such as rain gardens and green roofs allows for a land efficient way to manage storm water beneath the surface while providing a beautiful outdoor area that can be enjoyed by all and can even be designed to attracted pollinators, an added bonus!

Happy Earth Day 2018 to All! | #Solution to Pollution

This Earth Day, take the time and the steps to help further Storm Con’s message #SolutiontoPollution.

Let’s work together to encourage and promote the importance of storm water management and share the knowledge of ways in which everyone can do their part to ensure the Earth is healthy and strong for generations to come.

Thank you Storm Con for your ongoing leadership.

Happy Earth Day 2018 to all.

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